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Given the vast number of entertainment options in the city of Las Vegas, it is a true testament to quality that Las Vegas buffets continue to get so much attention. Las Vegas is a city full of world class food and buffets are a huge part of that. Likewise, Las Vegas buffet coupons have made these cuisine centers much more affordable for people visiting the city. The Las Vegas Strip was originally developed in 1941, and the Strip as we know it today was created by Bugsy Siegel in 1946. When he created the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Siegel brought luxury to the desert and began the tradition of food, fun, and gambling.

A long and illustrious history

It is difficult to say exactly when Las Vegas buffets came about, given that the Strip has seen so much transition over the decades. Siegel’s original hotel featured a buffet, and each property since has had its own version. Though he is credited with the original idea of putting a buffet in a Las Vegas hotel, it was famous developer Steve Wynn who took things to the next level. With his Mirage and Bellagio properties in the 1980s and 1990s, Wynn set the gold standard for Las Vegas buffets and made them what they are today. Wynn set the bar very high in those properties, forcing all surrounding properties to respond and update their buffet options.

Las Vegas buffet staples

When you use Las Vegas buffet coupons, you will have a chance to take advantage of a wide range of different atmospheres and different food choices. This is ultimately the staple of the Vegas food industry, as there are options for every different person who comes to the city. With that in mind, the following hotels are known to have the finest buffets on the Las Vegas Strip:

* Wynn Hotel and Casino
* MGM Grand
* The Las Vegas Hilton
* Bellagio
* Paris Hotel and Casino

Off of the Strip, the M Casino is known as one of the finest buffets in the entire city.

Bellagio and its unique approach

When most people think about Las Vegas buffet coupons, they want to get their hands on coupons for the Bellagio Buffet. It truly is the next level among buffet offerings, since it combines atmosphere with food quality. People typically pay $30 to $40 for a meal there without coupons, and most come away very satisfied with their experience. This is because Bellagio offers a huge selection of high-end food. It is most famous for its prime rib, but the seafood selections and American food choices are great, as well. The Bellagio offers more than 100 different desserts on a typical night, a fact that draws in plenty of visitors.

Paris and its “champagne brunch”

Those who have never studied Las Vegas and its buffets often miss out on one of the absolute treats of coming to the city. If you can find Las Vegas buffet coupons for the Paris Buffet and its champagne brunch, then this is an absolute must. The restaurant takes this time very seriously and puts out excellent choices for both breakfast and for a light lunch. When topped off with a nice glass of champagne, it is no wonder why people continue to hit the Paris for such a meal.

The “value” approach

Pretty much across the board, Las Vegas buffets are known for their creative marketing. Most have adopted the mantra that their particular buffet is a value play among all of the expensive choices in Vegas. One example of this is a deal currently offered by the MGM Grand. When visiting its Grand Buffet, visitors can purchase a 24-hour pass, giving them access to as many meals as they would like during that time frame. This deal costs just more than the regular price of dinner at the buffet, so it works out for someone who would like to eat there repeatedly. Other such deals exist with other hotels, as they all use their buffet as a way of offering a nice alternative for guests.

Current and famous deals

Buffets are often used as a part of a larger marketing strategy for the hotel itself. For the longest time, MGM Grand has offered up free buffet passes as a part of its “Summer Spectacular” marketing campaign. When individuals book rooms online through this deal, they are given a free buffet pass, often for two people. This can amount to a $60 value, which brings down the price of the room dramatically. Though other hotels give different names to their larger marketing campaigns, the general idea remains the same. They use the buffet and its low price to bring people in and keep them playing in the hotel.

Getting Las Vegas buffet coupons online

Hotels in Las Vegas are internet savvy, and it is no surprise that they have moved online with the majority of their primary marketing efforts. This means that finding Las Vegas buffet coupons online is easiest when you are working directly with the hotel itself. The best way to get these coupons and deals is by taking advantage of one of the deals mentioned above. During the down times of the year, hotels are forced to offer up deals to fill their rooms. If you are willing to wait for these times, you can take advantage of free buffet coupons just for booking a room.

Likewise, signing up for player’s club memberships will often bring about Las Vegas Buffet coupons. Each hotels has a different program and you will have to sign up for each individually. The only exception is when signing up for a player’s card with an MGM/Mirage property or a Harrah’s property. Their programs cover all hotels owned by the parent company. The following is a listing of the different Las Vegas player’s clubs that you can sign up for in order to get the best deals on buffets:

* Venetian and Palazzo’s Club Grazie
* Wynn and Encore’s Red Card
* MGM/Mirage Player’s Club
* Harrah’s Total Rewards Club
* Hilton Rewards Club

The offline ways to rack up Las Vegas buffet coupons

Almost more so than any other city on earth, Las Vegas provides its visitors with interesting ways to get deals. The most conventional way is to pick up one of the local coupon books, which are usually available for a dollar or two. These coupon books will feature a host of good deals, including free gambling credits and restaurant credits at the major hotels. For people who want to be a bit unconventional, you may want to use some active measures.

Playing table games at a hotel will give you the ability to bargain with the casino’s management. At a typical casino, if you are playing $50 per hand or more for an extended period of time, you can simply request a free buffet pass. They will then give you free Las Vegas buffet coupons or they will give your name to the person in charge at the buffet. Likewise, those individuals who play poker often build up credits that can be used to pay for some or all of the price of a Las Vegas buffet.

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