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In the fast-paced, high-pressure society in which we live, eating out has become a way of life for many people. There are many different kinds of restaurants from which to choose whenever a person or a family does decide to eat out. There are restaurants that specialize in everything from fine dining to gyros and from hot dogs to crepes. However, one of the most popular types of restaurant that offers great American style dishes in a comfortable setting is the steakhouse. Numerous restaurant chains serve this market, but a favorite for many people is Logan’s Roadhouse. For those who go there regularly, and for those who have never eaten there, the story of how this restaurant came into existence is an interesting one.

The Logan’s Roadhouse Story

The story begins back in 1991, when the first Logan’s Roadhouse was opened in Lexington, Kentucky. No one could have imagined all of the growth and success that would come during the next 30 years. Dave Wachtel and his partner, Charles McWhorter, had a dream. They wanted to open a unique, casual restaurant that offered both reasonably priced, quality food and a fun atmosphere. They managed to accomplish that by creating a restaurant with the ambiance of an American roadhouse from the 1940s and 1950s. Wooden floors, a Wurlitzer jukebox, hand-painted, western-style murals and a menu filled with American steakhouse favorites gave the atmosphere they wanted in their first Logan’s Roadhouse. Although many things would change, all of the principles that were used in starting the company have remained the same. The chain now has more than 180 company operated and 20 franchised locations in 23 states. Most of the restaurants are in the south, but some are in California and Arizona, and others are located in the midwest. Its headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee.

What It Is Like to Visit a Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant

Every Logan’s Roadhouse has the same goal. That is to provide each guest with:

– Great food, great drinks, great prices
– Friendly, enthusiastic service
– Fun, casual, upbeat atmosphere
– Great value

When you enter the restaurant, you will receive a friendly greeting from the hostess, a bucket of unshelled peanuts on your table and a glimpse of gas-fired, mesquite grills. There is a laid-back, casual atmosphere that encourages people to eat, drink, relax and enjoy themselves. You will see many families, as well as couples and retired people, enjoying a meal.

The Menu

On the menu, there are more than 50 high-quality entrees offered, including specialty salads, steak burgers, hand-cut steaks, baby back ribs, seafood and several chicken dishes. There are also several meals such as grilled meatloaf and pulled pork BBQ under the heading of “Roadies.”

Their emphasis is on consistently well-prepared food. With such a large selection, there is obviously something to please everyone’s appetite. One of the tastiest items served is the basket of yeast rolls that comes with each order. Steaks are among the most popular items on the menu. They are fresh, hand-cut Black Angus beef and are cooked to order. The steaks range in size from a 6-oz. sirloin to a 22-oz. porterhouse. Prime rib is served on weekends in 12-oz. and 16-oz. portions.

Logan’s Roadhouse offers numerous extras and sides that add to the enjoyment of a meal. The half-dozen desserts are all yummy and, in most cases, large enough to share. The Cinnamon Roll Sundae and the Nutter Butter Fudgeslide are the favorites of many diners.

The Kid’s Menu

Logan’s Roadhouse wants to be the favorite eatery for the whole family. To help achieve that goal, seven meals, designed especially for children, are available for those under 12 years of age. Among the meals are the things you would expect, such as: shrimp, macaroni & cheese and a hamburger. There are several sides from which one may be chosen to accompany any kid’s entrée.

The Lunch Menu

A lunch menu is available from Monday to Friday each week. A customer can order from one of its many offerings from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM each weekday. Soups, salads and hamburgers are featured along with several Roadies-type meals and Real American Roadhouse meals. There are also Health Nut Grillers and Health Nut Salads for the health conscious. The lunches are large and well-prepared, but generally less expensive than meals served in the evening.

Logan’s Roadhouse Coupons

This company is generous in the number of coupons that they make available from a variety of sources.

– Everyone is invited to join the Nut-E Club. After giving some personal information such as name, mailing address and e-mail address, the new club member receives a free coupon by e-mail. Periodically, the company sends each club member an e-mail that includes a coupon.

– eBay fans will not be surprised that there are sometimes Logan’s Roadhouse coupons available on their favorite auction website. The coupons can be purchased, at low cost, under the “Buy It Now” provision.

– Printable Logan’s Roadhouse coupons are available on the Internet. When a person types “Logan’s Roadhouse coupons” into their favorite search engine, several websites come up that say they can direct the user in how to secure the coupons.

– Occasionally, there is a full page ad that includes a Logan’s Roadhouse coupon in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper.

The Waitstaff and the Management

This restaurant evidently has an excellent training program for its employees. The waitstaff seems to always be polite, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Usually, during the course of a meal, a manager will stop at each table to be sure that everything is going well. The manager is always happy to chat if the customer seems to desire to do so.

The Bar

Every Logan’s Roadhouse has a full service bar. In addition to mixed drinks, they serve several brands of beer. In keeping with the roadhouse image, they emphasize the long neck bottles. The Roadhouse Tea, a specialty drink they serve, is popular with many customers. If guests desire to do so, they can eat in the bar area.

Logan’s To-Go

This restaurant makes their good food available for those who are pressed for time or just don’t feel like cooking. You can even call ahead and place your order. It will be ready to pick up when you arrive. They also offer party platters to go. All you need to do is call ahead 30 minutes or more and tell them what you want. Two popular choices, Logan’s Famous Baby Back Rib Platter and Smokin’ Hot Grilled Wings require at least 24 hours notice. There is an illustrated party platter menu on their website at www.logansroadhouse.com that has complete information and prices.

The Logan’s Roadhouse Website

The Logan’s Roadhouse website is excellent. It not only has a full menu, but it also gives gluten-free information, a few brief descriptions, complete information for purchasing and using gift cards, two games and an interactive coloring book for children. You can find the location and hours of all of their more than 180 restaurants.

Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants are not exotic or overly expensive. They are simply an excellent choice when a person wants delicious, well-prepared food in a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

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  1. lisa baudoin says:

    i love eating out their.Epically i enjoy the peanuts.the atmosphere is nice.

  2. Virginia Ashland says:

    We visited the Logan’s Roadhouse in Dayton, Ohio last week. It was our first time at this restaurant chain. Great food and great prices. We will be back.

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