Lone Star Steakhouse Coupons

Lone Star Steakhouse

Whether you are looking for a steak and potatoes meal or a caesar salad, Lone Star Steakhouse is the place to go. Lone Star Steakhouses began in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1989. Today there are 140 Lone Star restaurants. You can find Lone Star Steakhouses in cities and towns of all sizes. Lone star is a casual dining environment with a rustic Texas roadhouse ambiance. Lone Star is lively with country western favorites playing in the background. The restaurants are open seven days a week for dining convenience.

The menu at Lone Star

Prices range from about $9.00 for a specialty sandwich like chicken with a side of a baked potato or fries.
The Lone Star menu is varied featuring offerings from steak to seafood.The menu is pretty extensive with rib eye steaks, sirloin, chicken, hamburgers, shrimp, ribs, soups, side salads with a variety of dressings, and delicious yeast rolls by the basket. There are dinner salads that include chicken, steak or salmon as toppings. Beverages at Lone Star include ice tea in both sweet and unsweet; and soft drinks. From the full bar, beer, wine and a variety of mixed drinks are available. The Kids menu includes macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders hamburger, cheeseburger. A bonus is that kids can eat free on Tuesdays at Lone Star. However such specials and menu selections vary depending on the Lone Star location.

Lone Star is the place for celebrations or meetings

Lone Star appeals to all types of diners. Lunch service is quick which makes the restaurant a great place to meet to discuss business over a burger or to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. A private dining space can be reserved ahead of time for occasions such as birthday parties, holiday gatherings or retirement celebrations. For other meals, reservations are not required but if you arrive during the busy dinner hour, especially on weekends, be prepared for a short wait at this popular eatery.

Lone Star offers regular discounts. When dining at Lone Star it is not unusual for the wait staff to provide cards that may be used to sign up for birthday specials and online coupons. The coupons are sent by email on a regular basis to Lone Star customers.

Coupons for Lone Star are also available through the Sunday newspapers. Check the weekly coupons that come with newspapers where Lone Star Steakhouses are located for valuable coupons that can save money on lunch or dinner meals. Lone Star special offers could also come by mail. These may be found in advertising materials sent to all households in a local area. Coupons may also be sent through direct mail to specific customers who have requested special offers online. It pays to read through any coupon packages that come in the mail whether bulk mail or otherwise to find these valuable coupons.

Senior citizens should ask their server about discounts for persons age 60 and over. Most restaurants offer these discounts which can be very valuable to older adults with limited financial resources.

Lone Star coupon offers can be found online.

Customers can visit Lone Star’s website for special coupon offers that will provide some great discounts on lunch and dinner meals. By signing up on the website, customers can receive special deals by email. Usually the offers are very generous, such as a free appetizer with a meal. It is worth it to seek Lone Star coupons online. A web search for “Lone Star Coupons” will also bring up links to various sites that provide Lone Star Coupons.

Other ways to get Lone Star coupons and discounts

While on vacation, check out hotel brochures and coupon books. Depending on the city, there may be Lone Star coupons among these special offers. Lone Star coupons or gift cards for free Lone Star meals are also given away through online surveys. Such surveys require that some information such as name, mailing address and email address be provided before the coupons or gift cards will be issued.

Check out Lone Star lunch time discounts

Lone Star frequently offers special lunch time discounts on some popular dishes. Those who like the12 or 16 ounce ribeye at Lone Star might try the ribeye sandwich during lunch. Add a salad and this is a great way to enjoy the taste of the more expensive ribeye dinner for about half the price. Go for a late lunch at Lone Star rather than an early dinner and save on many of your favorite entrees.

Get the most from Lone Star coupons

To get the most from Lone Star coupons, keep them organized and ready to use before the expiration date. Usually online offers that come directly from Lone Star are time limited, so failing to keep up with the date can result in missing out on some good deals.

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8 Responses to Lone Star Steakhouse Coupons

  1. Joan Van Arsdalen says:

    I received Your Feedback Is Important to Us! on my last visit and have been trying to get to the web site to fill in the survey which will entitle me to a free appetizer on my next visit. I can not find the survey which will also enter me to win $250 gift certificate. I can’t figure out why I can’t get there.
    Joan VanArsdalen

  2. rich edwards crestwood ,il. says:

    tried going to lonestarlistens .com and cant fill out survey
    nothing on page but codes of some sort
    how do i get my free appetizer ?
    thank you

  3. Arlie Bowrey says:

    Wife and i ate at the lone star in springfield il today and had the worst service we have had in years. The waiter forgot my wifes salad,had to ask for silverware,took 10 minutes to get drink refills and had to ask for my change and reciept. I got the reciept but no change. I left a tip anyway but will not recommend this place to anyone. Heard other waiters and waitresses saying “sorry about that to every table”

  4. Mary Eaton says:

    Ate at your Lone Star in Columbia Mo. today. everything was great, got my receipt that said to go online &share my feedback for a free appetizer. I got on here and can not find where to take the survey & get my code.can you help me?

  5. C. Jastal says:

    I would like to receive my validation code but where is the survey???

  6. Karin Hjerpstedt says:

    Good food for the $…Waitress was exceptionally attentive!!!

  7. Dixie Klepetka says:

    The big brownie blast is a dessert to die for.

  8. STAN koch says:

    Also, could not get on comments.
    What do waitress and cooks not understand about serving hot food. We did ask before hand and was told fries come out hot and crispy. came cold. found her and she brought the same.
    She was disgusted, I was disgusted and will not go back to Lone Star in Brighton, Co.

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