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The Los Angeles Zoo is home to 1,100 animals from all over the world. It is a wondrous and captivating place for young and old alike. The zoo features shows and programs that allow visitors an up close and personal experience with the animals for a truly unforgettable trip. It is a place that everyone should be able to experience, no matter their financial situation and there are many deals to be had if one knows where to find them.

The History of the Los Angeles Zoo

The zoo as it is today was founded in 1966, but the original zoo opened in 1912 approximately 2 miles from its present location. The zoo is now located in Griffith Park, built on the former site of the Rodger Young village which was a temporary public housing project for World War II veterans returning from service. All aspects of the Los Angeles Zoo are owned by the city of Los Angeles and is maintained by city employees.

Both the former and current zoo sites have been used in the filming of movies. As if the massive variety of animals were not enough, the zoo became a certified botanical garden in 2002, boasting over 800 species of plants throughout the grounds. 29 of the species of animals that call the Los Angeles Zoo home are currently on the endangered list. The zoo operates every day of the year with the exception of December 25 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Cost of Visiting the Los Angeles Zoo

General admission prices are $14 for adults, $11 for senior citizens 62 and older, $9 for children ages 2-12 and free for children under the age of 2. Parking is free. If traveling in a group of 15 or more, a $3 per person discount is given for adult tickets and a $1 discount is give for children aged 2-12. The Los Angeles Zoo also offers discounts for people using any metro form of transportation. By presenting the saved metro ticket, adults will receive a $3 discount and children will get $2 general admission.

There are some great deals to be had and the zoo itself is a great place to start searching for them. The Los Angeles Zoo offers several membership levels that allow for unlimited visits. With so much to see, it is nearly impossible to do it all in one day, so purchasing one of these memberships may be less expensive in the long run. Visit http://www.lazoo.org/membership/categories_benefits.html to review all of the types of memberships available, as well as the benefits that come with each.

Where to Find Coupons for the Los Angeles Zoo

*Generally, the Los Angeles Zoo does not offer many coupons for general admission, however it does offer the discounts mentioned above.
*Coupons are available for shops inside the zoo, either through purchasing a membership package or searching the internet. Sometimes travel agents may have coupons available, so checking with them could prove to be valuable.
*Many coupon gathering sites such as www.couponmountain.com have access to coupons that are difficult to find. Membership may be required to view the content of these sites, but generally only need a valid email address and password.

Popular Things to do When Visiting the Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo offers many programs to please anyone. The World of Birds show features birds of prey and rare, exotic birds on the weekends and holidays. Show times are 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. The Animals and You Program is a thrilling close-up experience with varying species from the zoo. Animals and show times vary so check out http://www.lazoo.org/visit/shows_activities.html for detailed information.

Of course, a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo wouldn’t be complete without souvenirs to take home. Gift shops are located throughout the zoo so that one is sure to find the perfect memoir before they leave. The zoo is also an ideal opportunity for fun photo shoots and as long as personal photos are not used for commercial purposes without the zoo’s consent, the Los Angeles Zoo welcomes visitors to capture as many moments as they wish.

What is the Los Angeles Zoo Famous For?

Spanning 133 acres, the Los Angeles zoo is home to many famous exhibits. Unique animals such as the yellow footed rock wallaby and the snow leopard are found here.
The Los Angeles Zoo is home to the Campo Gorilla Reserve which features seven western lowland gorillas.
The Dragons of Komodo features a pair of the world’s largest lizards in a habitat designed to depict their native Indonesian environment.
The Los Angeles Zoo also includes exhibits such as Australia, home of the koalas, Sea Life Cliffs for those wishing to view the seals, Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountain, and the Red Ape Rain Forest. Last, but certainly not least, is the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo for an interactive and fun learning experience where kids can explore a cave, travel a desert trail, and watch for prairie dogs.

Upcoming Attractions at the Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles zoo is constantly working to provide a richer experience for its visitors. Current projects include the Pachyderm Forest which is scheduled for completion in 2010, the Reptile, Amphibian, and Insect Center in 2011, and the Rain Forest of America in 2012. These, of course, will be in addition to all of the other wonderful exhibits already in place, so purchasing a membership with unlimited zoo access is definitely the best way to save money on seeing everything; it just cannot be done in one day!

Is the Los Angeles Zoo Accessible for Everyone?

The Los Angeles Zoo should be enjoyed by everyone, those with handicaps included. The zoo offers standard and motorized wheelchairs for rent and all areas except the aviary are handicap accessible. The zoo also offers single and double stroller rentals for parents with small children. Of course, parents are more than welcome to bring their own strollers as well.

Dining Facilities at the Los Angeles Zoo and the Coupons Available for Them

There are many places to eat within the zoo grounds, as well as picnic areas for visitors wishing to bring their own lunch. Coupons for these restaurants are available with membership packages. Occasionally some businesses are willing to provide you with complementary coupons if you only ask. This may or may not be the case with the Los Angeles Zoo, but the worst that could happen is they say no, so it’s worth a shot. The zoo can be contacted by calling 323-644-4200 or filling out the contact form at http://www.lazoo.org/about/contact.html.

How to Get the Best Deals When Visiting the Los Angeles Zoo

The answer to that really depends on how often one intends to visit. A family of 4 could pay $36 for one day and bring a lunch to avoid any other charges. On the other hand, the same family could purchase a membership for $75, receive a year of unlimited admission, as well as in park discounts. The best deals are available through the zoo itself and will depend entirely on each visitor’s personal agenda.

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