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Italy is one of Europe’s most famous and well-traveled countries among American tourists. Thousands of American’s visit Italy every year to experience its diverse cultural atmosphere, observe its rich collection of art and architecture, and sample its evocative and delicious traditional cuisine. Italian food is hearty, healthy and tasty, and American restaurants have been attempting to recreate this regional food since before the first World War. There is perhaps no better place to sample authentic Italian cooking, outside of Italy itself, than within the walls of the American restaurant “Maggiano’s Little Italy.”

The Founder

In 1971, an entrepreneur named Richard Melman put his quality tastes to work, founding his first restaurant in Chicago. As his empire expanded to include a wider variety of cuisines and styles, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises was formed. Lettuce Entertain You is responsible for the concept and creation of over seventy different restaurants nationwide, and it is one of the most successful and profitable restaurant corporations in the world. In 1991, Richard Melman and his partners decided to create an Italian restaurant that would stand out from the rest of the Italian chains in America. Maggiano’s Little Italy was born.

The Premise

Maggiano’s, named after Richard Melman’s former partner Marvin Magid, is unique in its menu, style, and presentation. Featuring Italian American cuisine, the menu at Maggiano’s includes some very traditional Italian dishes as well as several popular spins on familiar Italian dishes. The restaurant is decorated in a pre-World War II Italian American style, evoking images of immigrating Italian families and an America rife with hopeful opportunity. Comforting Italian music plays softly in the background of a bustling restaurant that welcomes families of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Maggiano’s Little Italy is one of the few American restaurants that offers its meals in both individual portions and extra large family-style settings.

Family Style Eating

A family of four or more can order several enormous dishes at an affordable price which can then be passed around the table, providing everyone with an ample taste. The basic family menu at Maggiano’s includes the selection of two salads, two pastas, two main dishes and two desserts. Larger groups may choose to order a larger number of dishes. The meals are delicious, and families will be gratified to know that take-home sacks are provided and their use encouraged. Maggiano’s Little Italy guarantees that its patrons will leave stuffed and extremely happy. The staff at Maggiano’s Little Italy become family members themselves, recommending their favorite dishes, dilligently seeing to the needs of their tables, and singing the occasional Italian aria to patrons who ask politely.

The Extras

Maggiano’s Little Italy includes countless extra touches that have been designed to raise its quality level to that of a fine dining restaurant. All of Maggiano’s Little Italy’s innovations were created with the loyalty of its patrons in mind. To begin with, the Maggiano’s website is completely user-friendly and offers patrons the opportunity to reserve tables, peruse the menu, or plan a private family or corporate banquet with a Maggiano’s Little Italy banquet manager. Maggiano’s also offers one of the most complete and premium wine lists in the country. Patrons will always find the perfect wine to fit their needs, whether one is a wine connoisseur looking for vintage quality or an amateur peruser concerned with value. Finally, Maggiano’s is always looking to secure loyalty from its patrons, offering coupons, gift cards, new cuisine preview nights, e-mail promotions and a variety of other commonly occuring specials.

Deals at

The Maggiano’s Little Italy website is currently offering several guest promotions and coupon deals. To begin with, any customer who signs up for the Maggiano’s E-club will immediately receive a coupon for ten dollars off their next meal purchase at Maggiano’s. In addition to the coupon, those who sign up for the e-mail list will continue to receive special announcements and deals via e-mail from Maggiano’s. There is no cost for signing up and doing so is easy at Maggiano’s is also offering a free flatbread appetizer to those who purchase a glass of its new signature wine: Ruffino. The pairing of this delicious wine with the new flatbread pizza at Maggiano’s is a culinary stroke of genius, and customers will be doubly rewarded by their pocketbooks and their taste buds. Customers can also receive ten percent off the price of a banquet room when they sign up for the Maggiano’s V.I.P. Rewards Club, a club for the restaurant’s “very important planners.” Participation in the V.I.P. Rewards Club is free, and when members reserve a second banquet room, they will receive ten percent off the room and a Maggiano’s gift certificate for one hundred dollars. For the customer planning a business meeting or wedding reception, this rewards program is an excellent incentive. The deals and coupons at the Maggiano’s website are always changing. Customers should be sure to visit this excellent and easy-to-use source of information regularly to save money, reserve tables, or order carry-out meals.

Other Maggiano’s Coupons

Maggiano’s Little Italy also has an official Facebook page where coupons, discounts and incentives are offered to all patrons. The posted coupons change regularly and often include ten percent discounts on meals, five or ten dollars off meals, or buy one get one free deals on featured menu items.

DealsPlus is an American website that collects and features coupons, promotions and discounts from thousands of U.S. retailers and businesses nationwide. By visiting the website and entering “Maggiano’s” in the site’s search engine, customers can display printable coupons with a wide range of value. Customers can also sign up for e-mail alerts featuring coupons from specific restaurants that will be sent directly to the customer’s e-mail inbox.

Printable coupons are featured on a blog at the web address This blog is currently featuring an excellent Maggiano’s promotion that invites customers to enjoy two Maggiano’s meals for only $12.95. This coupon expires at the end of October in 2010, so customers should be sure to print off this invitation and use it before it is too late. Many of these deals are to be used at specific Maggiano’s locations; all coupons should be read carefully to ascertain the terms and conditions of each specific deal. However, many Maggiano’s locations will honor coupons from other locations. The management at Maggiano’s Little Italy is concerned mainly with increasing patronage and will generally accomodate your party and your coupons with grace and gratitude.

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