Melting Pot Coupons

The Melting Pot’s History

The Melting Pot has been delighting customers with its sophisticated and relaxing ambiance since the first location opened in 1975. The original Melting Pot was located in Maitland, Florida and was a small location that served a simple menu of Swiss cheese, beef, and chocolate fondue. While today’s Melting Pots have a much more extensive menu, the general feel is the same. The first franchise of The Melting Pot was established in 1978 by Mark Johnson, who had worked at the original restaurant in his college years. As the popularity grew, Mark and his family purchased the rights to the name, and grew The Melting Pot to what it is today.

The Melting Pot Today

There are now more than 145 The Melting Pot locations in 37 states, making it the premiere fondue restaurant in the United States. While many of these locations are franchises, all have the same desirable atmosphere and quality staff that makes The Melting Pot more of an experience than simply a meal.

The Melting Pot Experience

The atmosphere at each The Melting Pot location holds its own unique characteristics and charm. The booths are private and walled in on three sides, allowing for a romantic hide away for a date with your loved ones. The privacy the booths provide allow for families to enjoy a four course meal without worry of the children disturbing other guests. Many The Melting Pot restaurants take interest in local art, and the lobby and dining room often features paintings done by local artists that are available for sale. Even the restrooms are reminiscent of a five star hotel, with after dinner mints in bowls on the counters provided for freshening up.

The Melting Pot Menu

Today’s The Melting Pot menu consists of four course meals that include salads, cheese fondue, a main fondue entrée, and their infamous chocolate fondue desserts. Each signature fondue dinner has many options to choose from, and is sure to delight even the most discerning food connoisseur. The extensive wine line list ensures a complimentary drink for every dinner choice.

The Big Night Out

Each Melting Pot location offers a discount meal called The Big Night Out that changes throughout the year. The Big Night Out includes a salad, cheese fondue, choice of cooking styles with the main The Big Night Out entrée selection, as well as your choice of chocolate fondue desserts. Typically priced around $80.00 per couple or $40.00 for a single person, these deals nearly cut costs by a third. You can always call ahead to find out what The Big Night Out menu is for that week before you make a reservation.

First Course

The first course The Melting Pot brings to your table side is cheese fondue, rich in flavor and seasoned to your preferences. Apples, bread, and fresh vegetables are provided for your dipping pleasure. Available cheeses vary, but the staples include Cheddar, Swiss, Wisconsin Trio, and Fiesta cheese fondue.

Second Course

Salads are served after the cheese fondue is cleared, and consist of your choice of mushroom, chef, or California salad options. Various dressings are available to compliment the fresh vegetables the salads are made from. Only the finest quality local grown vegetables are used in The Melting Pot’s salad mixtures.

Third Course

Once the salads are complete, the main course is prepared table side, with your choice of Coq a Vin, Court Bouillon, Moo Fondue or Fondue Bourguignonne cooking styles. Depending on your choice of entrees, raw fish, chicken, Fillet Mignon, shrimp, and lobster will be provided for you to cook in the oils that simmer on your tabletop. If you have never dined with the Melting Pot before, your waiter or waitress will instruct you on the proper methods of cooking.

Fourth Course

The delectable desserts are one of the main reasons The Melting Pot customers return again and again. Popular choices for The Melting Pot’s chocolate fondue include Amaretto Meltdown, Cookies ‘n Crème Marshmallow Dream, The Flaming Turtle, Bailey’s Irish Cream Dream, Yin & Yang, Chocolate S’mores, and Pure Chocolate in dark, milk or white. With each dessert type comes a platter of goodies to coat in chocolate. Dependent on the season, this often includes bananas, Oreo covered marshmallows, pound cake, cheesecake, brownies, and strawberries.

Club Fondue

Few people can resist returning to The Melting Pot after their first taste, and fewer still can resist the urge to make their next reservation after finishing the chocolate fondue at the end of the meal. Thankfully, The Melting Pot offers Club Fondue, which alerts you to new fondue features, fine wine events, ladies night events, and other promotional opportunities. When a person joins Club Fondue at no charge via The Melting Pot’s website, they receive a coupon for a complimentary dessert with any Big Night Out or dinner for two purchase. Club Fondue also provides The Melting Pot coupons delivered to your email at your birthday and anniversary. For more information or to sign up for The Melting Pot’s Club Fondue, simply go to


The Melting Pot is a perfect choice for a romantic date or a night out with friends. The cozy setup allows for guests to interact across the table, making it a great choice for business dinners or entertaining important guests. Even older children enjoy cooking their own meats in the oil; however, the cooking surfaces get very hot, so small children should be carefully supervised if they accompany their parents for dinner. A trip to The Melting Pot will take about two hours to complete all four courses.

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