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Moe’s Southwest Grill has the unique of being one of the few companies to rise from creation to stardom in only a few years. Originally founded in 2000, it took only a few short years for Moe’s Southwest Grill to be a huge hit among restaurant goers. Today, people use Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons all over the country and the company has locations in 35 different states. The original Moe’s was founded in a relatively small neighborhood just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. That neighborhood was called Garden Hills and it is proud to house the first Moe’s Southwest Grill on the planet.

Moe’s has come full circle with its development, going from a small, local establishment to a corporate monster. It was purchased by FOCUS Brands in 2007 and that company has taken things to the next level. After that sale, Moe’s Southwest Grill went from a mostly Southern company to one with national reach. It continues to expand, as FOCUS is targeting new markets and international possibilities for the Moe’s brand.

Moe’s and its staple foods

If you are using Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons, then you will certainly want to go for a few of the company’s staples. The company has kept things relatively simple with its menu, offering a basic approach and a dedication to making its selections high quality. Because it does not try to do too much, the few items that Moe’s does offer are well practiced and well made. With that in mind, most people go for the Moe’s burritos. Filled with either chicken, beef, or tofu, topped with cheese, rice, and beans, these burritos are meaty and filling. There are plenty of different options, including the Homewrecker and the Joey Bag of Donuts.

Additionally, the company offers quesadillas with many different toppings. These are less popular than the traditional burritos, but they are slowly becoming a better option for people who like to keep things fresh. All Moe’s dishes are served with characteristic chips and salsa, while many people like to add a side of fresh cheese to make things taste that much better.

Evolving with the times

While people with those Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons will still want to focus on the burritos, it should be noted that Moe’s has changed a bit with the time. Many restaurants have been updating their menus with healthier options as today’s consumers are more interested in keeping the calorie count down. For this reason, Moe’s offers a taco salad option. Though these are not as healthy as a traditional garden salad, they do offer a more health conscious alternative to the burritos, while keeping much of the taste.

Moe’s and its customer service approach

Another Moe’s staple that you will notice when using those Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons is the company’s approach to making customers happy. They understand that when people spend their money on a meal, they expect to be treated well. That is why when you walk into a Moe’s location, the staff will shout, “Welcome to Moe’s!” This is their customary greeting and it never seems to get old. Over time, this has become the company’s marketing pitch, as well. Their commercials feature friendly staff members exclaiming the phrase, welcoming new people who may or may not be prepared for the atmosphere.

Moe’s and pop culture

Having Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons entitles you to not only a good meal, but also a lesson in pop culture. The restaurant is interesting in that its menu references many people in music, television, and other forms of popular culture. Menu items such as the Art Vandalay and the Closetalker both come from the popular television show ‘Seinfeld’, while other menu items recall “The Usual Suspects” and “Back to School”. Many menu items are meant to recall famous singers from years past, and this fits well with the music being played. Each location has a soundtrack of classic hits, most of which come from the 1960s and 1970s. This is what the restaurant is known for, and it’s what makes Moe’s such a popular option among all of its competitors.

Moe’s marketing on college campuses

There are many Moe’s locations on college campuses, so you might guess that deals come about more in these places than anywhere else. People using Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons on college campuses get to taste the company’s special marketing approach. On some campuses, Moe’s offers $2 Tuesdays. They sell burritos for two dollars on the second Tuesday of each month. This usually happens in the afternoon and students frequently stock up on food during that time. Because the restaurants are free to individually market themselves, the deals will be different depending upon where you live. They are all active in providing deals, though.

The popular “Moe’s Card”

One thing that is standard for all locations is the Moe’s Card. When you eat at Moe’s often, you can get one of these cards to recognize that. Then, they will stamp the card each time you purchase an entree. When you have eight stamps, you receive a free meal. The program is really quite simple and it is a standard loyalty approach. Eating there often earns you the right to eat for free, then you can start again with a new Moe’s Card.

Getting coupons online

When looking for Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons, the first place to start is the internet. The company has full integrated itself into the next generation, and they understand that the internet is where people find out about companies and their promotions. With that being said, the Moe’s company website has a host of different offers. The first step is to join what the company calls its “E-World”. When you join “E-World”, you will receive Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons in your email periodically. They will send you free offers on your birthday and at other important times during the year. This is absolutely the best way to take advantage of their deals, since they don’t often offer coupons through the website itself.

Aside from the official website, there are some Moe’s coupons available through its alternate site, Also, large sites like tend to carry Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons regularly, so be sure to check those out if you want the lowest possible prices.

Gauging the offline coupon methods

Know that Moe’s franchises are independently owned in most cases, so owners have the right to do what they want with their coupon marketing. Though the corporate office does send out some coupons, the majority will be done through the franchise owner. This means that some owners are looking to put out Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons in standard print mediums. Look to the local newspaper as a source of news on the latest Moe’s deals, as well for coupons that can be used at your location.

Look also for the Attractions Dining and Value Guide for coupons to most local Moe’s chains. These are sold around the country by fundraising organizations and many Moe’s owners want to get involved in that kind of community effort. In these books, you can find the best Moe’s Southwest Grill coupons, as they offer completely free meals and two-for-one deals in many instances.

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