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Newport is one of many major brand name companies producing Class “A” cigarettes, both menthol and non-menthol. The Newport brand is owned by Lorillard, which was founded in 1760 by Pierre Abraham Lorillard, is the only tobacco company from that era that is still in operation today. This makes Lorillard the oldest tobacco manufacturer in the United States, as well as the 18th oldest company, which is located in Greensborough North Carolina.

Although Lorillard has been producing various brands of menthol and non-menthol cigarettes since the inception of the company, the Newport brand was formally introduced in 1957. Since that time, the company has gone though many transformations including a buyout and redistribution of stocks.

Company History

James Buchanan Duke and the American Tobacco Company took control of the Lorillard tobacco company in 1910 as a result of the American Tobacco Company organizing corporation-like takeovers of smaller sized tobacco companies that started in 1899. However, in 1911, the US Court of Appeals found the American Tobacco Company in violation of the “restraint of trade” and the Lorillard Company found themselves an independent company again.

In 1925, the president of Lorillard, Benjamin Lloyd Belt, started making changes that included the promotion of the Old Gold brand, which finally resulted in a profit. In 1969, the Loews Corporation bought out Lorillard; however, the tobacco company retained their name and continued to operate as they had for almost two centuries. In 2008, when they signed an agreement that resulted in the separation of the two companies, the control of the stocks was turned over the public. It was while Loews Corporation owned the tobacco company that they moved their headquarters to NC while also manufacturing cigarettes in KY as well.

Newport Cigarette Production History

The Lorillard and Newport brand is known best for its menthol full flavored cigarettes; however, the company also produces various other menthol cigarettes as well. The currently available Newport brand cigarettes available include the following:

  • Newport Box or Newport Kings, also known as Full flavor
  • Newport Box 100s or Newport 100s, also known as full flavor 100’s
  • Newport Menthol Gold Box or Newport Menthol Gold, also known as lights
  • Newport Menthol Gold Box 100s or Newport Menthol Gold 100s, also known as light 100’s
  • Newport Menthol Blue Box, also known as mediums
  • Newport Menthol Blue Box 100s also known as medium 100’s

The names of these have changed since the FDA required that all mention of a “light,” “low-tar” or “low nicotine” cigarettes be removed from the cigarette packaging as of June 22 2010. Additionally, other brands of cigarettes were sold as well, which were non-menthol in the late 1990’s. However, they have since been discontinued and are not sold anywhere. These non-menthol cigarettes were sold in the same style boxes however, they contained red or gold where the turquoise is. Newport Slim 120s, Newport “Stripes and the Newport “M-Blend” were manufactured in the 1990’s, but were discontinued as well.

Other Promotional Products

On the official Newport Pleasure website, smokers aged 21 and over can sign up and browse for various items, coupons and entries into sweepstakes. is a popular website and once registered and the information provided by the customer is verified, they then receive a magazine and coupons as well. While these items are mailed to a physical address of the customer, other items can be found on the website.
One special promotion includes the Newport smoker saving the UPC codes from the packs and cartons. These codes are called Goods Points, which the smoker can save and then exchange them for the ability to purchase goods, called Pleasure Goods) and receive pack and carton coupons. Two of the items that are always available by saving UPC codes include:

  • Coupon for free carton of cigarettes for 275 UPC codes plus the payment of shipping and handling charges
  • A $25 Newport savings book for 250 UPC’s plus payment of shipping and handling charges

Other items sometimes available and found in the Pleasure Goods Catalog, when available include:

  • Coupons for free packs of cigarettes for varying amounts of UPC’s plus shipping and handling charges
  • T-Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Backpacks
  • Lighter
  • Camping Gear

This is not an exhaustive list and the availability of any item on the website or from the catalog depends on the promotion in play at the time of registration. Additionally, Newport offers various chances to win money and prizes with their sweepstakes, which is run various times throughout the year.

Obtaining Entries or Coupons

Entering the various sweepstakes and receiving coupons for packs and cartons of Newport brand cigarettes is an easy process for anyone who is 21 or older. Simply visit the website, and fill out your information. Required at the time of registration are name, license number (to verify age) address and preference of cigarette brand, which is given by the smoker filling out a short survey geared towards the likes and dislikes of the smoker. Keep in mind, however, that if the Newport Pleasure computer system cannot find a smoker who is trying to register in the system using their license number, the applicant may be required to mail in a copy of their license or other identification in order to participate in any of the programs.

If an Internet connection does not exist or for any other reason a smoker who wishes to participate but cannot do so over the Internet, they can register for the same items by purchasing a pack or carton of cigarettes and following the directions on the insert found on the back of the pack or carton, under the cellophane wrapping. Additionally, registration forms are available at most Newport cigarette retailers. Simply fill out the information and mail a copy of identification to register.

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102 Responses to Newport Cigarette Coupons

  1. Adolph G. Vasquez says:

    I LOVE your new Newport Reds. How can I sign up to receive more news, coupons, etc? Thanks

  2. Loretta DeBord says:

    Could you please send me coupons for Newport 100’s in the strong box. I usually receive 3 letters including Newport News with coupons in them every 1/3 quarter. Lately though I have been receiving coupons for Marlboro which I do not chose to smoke. If you could please send some coupons to my mail box I would certainly appreciate it – my printer does not work.
    Loretta DeBord, 1 Dennis Court, Schaumburg, Illinois 60193-1227. My birthdate being 3/18/61

    • NezG says:

      OMG…. I used to get Newport coupons also but lately I’ve been reciving Camel coupons. I dont smoke camels! LoL. I’ve been tring to get Newport coupons but I dont know how!!! I dont know whats going on.

  3. shergita Greer says:

    Please send Newport 100 coupons 4005 n.124th St. Brookfield,Wi 53005. Send to sherita Greer.

  4. reed jones says:

    i need non-menthol coupons

  5. Sally Buettner says:

    Hi, I have some upc lables from Newports and I have no clue where to submitt them in. I have clicked on every site that I could possibley think of and it sends me to other places other than what I am looking for. Is there a catalog you that you could send me? If so could you please send me one. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration. I have listed my address below.

    Sally Buettner
    98 East Genesee Street
    Clyde, New York, 14433

  6. Jenna Zebrowski says:

    I have smoked your brand for 6 years and would like some coupons..Thanks

  7. aurora cameron says:

    i like smoking newport 100 non-menthol….it has a good taste and a great buy…..

  8. Ronnie Watson Jr says:

    I have been smoking your brand for over 7 year just tryin to get sum new coupons and ive collected my empty newports boxes yall want them back?

  9. Kevin says:

    I would like coupons for Newport Box menthol. Thank you.

  10. samuel hankey says:

    i like newport red a good cig at a decent price

  11. Tyesha Hall says:

    I love your Newport 100 in a box…they are my can i recieve promotions and coupons to continue being a faithful customer!!! GO NEWPORT YOUR THE BEST!

  12. alana kazmierski says:

    please send me some newport cigareetes coupans please. thank you for your time in this matter

  13. Vivian A. Bingham says:

    I have been smoking your brand for of 40+ years. I use to buy the softpack but have gone to the box. I have tried some other brands but yours are the best. Would it be possible for you to send me coupons on occasion being a big support of you product.


  14. George W. says:

    My wife and I really like your Newport Non-menthol very much. They taste great and good value too. Myself I break off the filters and smoke them. Do you think you will come out with newport non-filters anytime soon? I would snatch them up!!

  15. Benjamin Stocker says:

    Ive been smoking this brand for 16 years, please send me some coupons for Newport Box 100’s. Thank you.

  16. natasha jefferies says:

    yes i would like newport coupons


    i need some coupons for NEWPORT BOX PLEASE

  18. Lindsay Foster says:

    Hello , I have been smoking Newport 100’s for a few years and they easily became my preferred brand. Coupons would be much appreciated and helpful at this point while funds are tight. Thanks so much for a great offer.

  19. jessica reese says:

    i would really like to get some free coupons in the mail for new port 100’s menthol in the mail or buy email. Jessica reese 2915 clover ridge dr # 2o9 chaska mn 553318 please and thank you

  20. Cindy Reynolds says:

    I’ve been smoking this brand for 20 years, please send me some coupons for Newport Box 100′s. Thank you.

  21. Norman Whitaker says:

    Newports are the best menthol cigarettes
    Please send me coupons.

  22. carmalita bridges says:

    I would like newport 100 coupons also if you know who i should contact to bring the Newport Ice back….They were better.

  23. James Bubbers says:

    i have lots of upcs just wondering where to send them for free cartons because i cant find it on any website i go to and last website i went to said 275 upcs for free carton

    address 512 6th street south
    Lacrosse Wi, 54601
    phone 608-397-3670

  24. Jessica Hill says:

    Please send coupons for Newport box 100 I love them and buy them all the time. Ty

  25. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    I would like to receive coupons and specials

  26. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    please send me coupons. 60 Strawberry Hill Ave #1008 Stamford CT 06902

  27. Gina says:

    Please send as many coupons as possible for packs of cigarettes as I live in New York State and will soon be unable to afford Newport brand (menthol). Gina Hajdasz 1918 Butterfield ave Utica, NY 13501

  28. Monica Gaddy says:

    My mother is receiving newport coupons and I’m loving it, so I was wondering if you could send me some. Thank you sooooooo much in advance.

  29. kody says:

    plz send me newport 100s coupons i been smoking them for a long time

  30. thomas dease says:

    i need the .76 newport promotion that end 12/31/2011

  31. Sarah luyet says:

    i have been smoking newports for 8 years and i would love for you to send me coupons for your brand i smoke newport 100’s menthol only thankyou so much my birthday is 02/01/1985 and my address is sarah luyet 58 wanda lane noble louisiana 71462 thankyou again and have a wonderful day

  32. sarah whited says:

    I would like to know how to get coupons. I love Newports and WONT smoke anything else.
    Thanks so much

  33. Chandni Thakker says:


  34. sandra martin says:

    Iwould love to recive free newports,coupons,and other free stuff

  35. lashon brown says:

    can u send me some coupons for newport 100s longs in a box in the green and white pack and also promotions

    i need menthol

    my address is 3130 stagrd apt#2404 dallas,tx 75241

    • lashon brown says:

      can u send me some coupons i have been dealing with your company for 13 years newport 100s longs menthol in the green and white box thank you

  36. NezG says:

    I’ve been smoking Newports & only Newports for about 10 years now & I can seem to even get a coupon book!!!!! Whats up with that???? How do I get some coupons???????

  37. Jeanette Sztyel says:

    id really like to get some newport coupons and also find out how i can trade my upc goods in please help. thank u

  38. John Buecker says:

    Please send some coupons for Newports.

  39. davidbreen says:

    what about old golds,i have smoked old golds for a looong time and now because there is’nt enough demand where i live i can’tget them but theyget cases of newports can’t they ship 3 or 4 cartons with all the newports so i can ENJOY a great cigarette?

  40. Thelma M Jones says:

    I used to smoke Newport Lights 100s, but had to stop. Now want to give a carton of Newport 100s in the box as a Xmas gift and could use a coupon.

  41. lisa says:

    my husband and i have been smoking the newport reds for almost 3 years. We switched from Marlboro. The taste of newport reds I think is much better than Marlboro and I was a die hard fan of Marlboro for about 20 years. Would really appreciate some Newport coupons. Thanks

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think it is preposterous that Newport is the only company that can raise and lower there prices whenever they feel the need too. I have smoked for over 5 years and it’s really getting to the point where it is unaffordable now and it’s sad. They have drained so many people of there hard earned money and not to mention there lives as well. I am quitting today and I really truly hope that Newports get band. It’s just not right to cost $7.26 and if your spouse smokes as well it is damn near $20 a day, it’s pathetic and they should be ashamed of themelves.

  43. joni klapak says:

    could i please get the 2 1.50 off one pack coupons please

  44. Angela cooper says:

    Love newport 100s only kind ill smk. When i walk in the store they already kno my brand.

  45. Angela cooper says:

    I want coupons that com n tha mail… And magizines how do i get

  46. Angela cooper says:

    Address 624 n.main perryville’ mo. 63775 send me som plzzzz

  47. jerry guider says:

    can you please send me newport 100 menthol coupons and an info on sending in my upc labels for free newport cigarettes

  48. Strawberry Adleman says:

    I have been receiving your Newport 100’s (green) in a box coupons for many years now. The last one was in Jan 2012, giving me a choice of pack or carton. But just for the months of Jan. and Feb. 2012. I keep trying to pick (packs) on the internet, but I just couldn’t get to the point where I leave my ID # 145866729 35432. If I am not mistaken you still have my drivers # on file. Is there any way you could send me extra (pack) coupons? E-Mail them to me or by Us-postal. Or I am on Facebook under Lynn
    Sincerely, and Truly Yours,
    Strawberry Lynn

  49. Gail Watson says:

    I would love to have Newport Printable coupons!

  50. Betty Rousar says:

    I would appreciate learning if you still can send UPC labels in to the company for items out of their catalogue.

  51. Tracey neibauer says:

    i smoke newport box 100’s & been smoke then for years & enjoy them out of all the other brands

  52. Jessica says:

    I need Newport Red coupons. Please send to: Jessica Covington, 605 County Road 363 Lot #2

  53. Marle says:

    I would like coupons for newport box please

  54. Rhonda Addison says:

    i what the free newport coupon for 1.50 please think u.

  55. Lori Pappas says:

    please send me coupons for newport box 100s. i smoke 2 packs a day and its expensive. i could use the coupons. thank u. Lori Pappas

  56. Tammy Copeland says:

    yes i would like newport coupons because i buy a pack of newports everyday this is the only brand i smoke

  57. carman mills says:

    please send coupons

  58. patricia mills says:

    like newport 100s menthol

  59. sheila mangiapane says:

    please send coupons

  60. racquel meyer says:

    want coupons for newport ciggerates!

  61. margaret frazier says:

    big saveing for me i buy by the carton

  62. carrie bradberry says:

    Yes, Iwould like coupons for Newport Menthol 100’s Box

  63. Brittany Leavell says:

    anyone know the address so i can send my goods in for a free carton of smokes please an thanks

  64. Kenny king says:

    can u send me some cupons plz address 317 wall ave cambridge ohio 43725

  65. olivia washington says:

    I have smoked newports for over 30yrs would like some coupons

  66. Clara Pearce says:

    109 First Lane York,Al 36925 send coupons to my address thank you Clara Pearce

  67. Jonathon Pitts says:

    dob is 5/27/86 Please enroll me for ALL coupons for Newport Menthol cigarettes.

  68. cheri hutchinson says:

    i would like some non menthol coupons. these red 100’s are great. thank you

  69. kim rock says:

    yes i would like newport coupons

  70. Jessica says:

    I have been smoking newports for 8 years would like coupons they are getting expensive dont want to switch bands but may have no choice.
    Please send me coupons.

  71. amanda whitson says:

    this is my favorite brand an been smoking goin on 6 years plz send me coupons

  72. Jackie Ivey says:

    i have smoked newports for a long time even befor i was legel and i mean i didnt even thinking about slowing down when i was paing $8.50 a pack so do you think you could send me cueponds for being a loyal coustermere to jackie ivey 9651 north davis hwy Apt 12 pensacola fl 32533

  73. Kandace says:

    Please send coupons newport 100’s in a box

  74. veronica justice says:

    I have so many upc codes. How do I redeem them for stuff through Newport.

  75. Amanda Larsen says:

    i dont have a printer but would like to receive coupons for Newpot Reds…PLEASE!!

  76. brian says:

    yes i’ve been smokn newports fo 5 years now and yes would like some newport coupons

  77. claudia jones says:

    I would like to recieve coupons for newport 100 methols carton, money is tight right now, so buy them by the carton too save money.

  78. lulita says:

    cigarette coupons by mail newports 100s box

  79. Sean Robinson says:

    Please send me as many coupons as possible, my family is going through very hard times right now, financially!! It is muchly appreciated, and could use anything free, because at this point every penny counts! Thank you, and God Bless!!!

    Sean Robinson
    2418 West Eric Drive
    Maple Crest
    Wilmington, DE 19808

  80. Zae W says:

    I only like smoking Newport menthol all other cigarettes are literally uncomparable!!!!!!!!!! whoooooooooo!!!!!! GO NEWPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Xavien W says:

    Newport menthols are king

  82. CHRIS says:


  83. April James says:

    Could you please send me some coupons for newport non menthol? I buy them daily & could save on money with it being so bad right now & the prices being so high!

  84. james robinson says:

    I would like to start receiving coupons on the Newports please

  85. Lisa Morrow says:

    I been smoking your brand of Newport cigarettes And I get them only by the packs and my room mates now cause where we live now on this side of town they raise the prices up on all cigarettes and said cigarette prices went up But when we get a ride on the north side of town they are cheaper One week it might be a price, next week whole different price with discount card that went down to .05 cent from .10 cent off So that 1.00 off 2 packs not a saving Can we please just get 1.00 coupons off please And could you send us some PLEASE……

  86. jecenia says:

    Made an account with Newport but can’t setup a password please help.

  87. Vicki Lynn Lauterburg says:

    I love the new Newport 100’s Red, or not-so-new… The price in Cook County has gotten ridiculous… HELP!

  88. arten says:

    I love newports, ive been smoking them fpr 10 years now…soi please send me coupons for and menthol brand newports and id really appreciate it…i work in a very crazy inviorment and deal with crazy cutpmers all day…so to save the time, headache, and money would help out alot…thank you so much

  89. Noel Jernigan says:

    Non-menthol Newport reds is what I like to smoke I would like to receive coupons for those 04/23/92 I don’t have a printer but my address is 20362 Cr4238 Cushing Texas 75760

  90. katie penman says:

    I would like some Newport menthol cigarette coupons please, I’ve been smoking newports
    for a very long time, any coupons would help me a lot…… thank you………..

  91. Susan Podgorski says:

    Please send neport non menthol coupons to 9641 Fernwood Drive F-139 Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138. 38yr smoker to newports

  92. kellie says:

    need coupons for Newport 100’s methol, please send via email to print out thank you

  93. Karin cartier says:

    I started smoking Marlboro, ran out and a friend gave me one of her Newport non menthols..haven’t smoked a Marlboro since..I love the taste of the newports and won’t smoke anything else..friend has given me a coupon here and there.but it would be fantastic if I could have my own sent to PLEASE put me on your mailing list..I would love any coupons or offers for your newport brand..

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