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The Old Spaghetti Factory is a fine example of affordable family dining and has been in business for over 40 years. It is an Italian style restaurant known for its reasonable prices and acclaimed for its high quality in food preparation. Currently, The Old Spaghetti Factory operates in 38 different locations in several US states, 13 locations in various provinces in Canada, as well as an opening in Japan. In this article, you will learn the history of the popular eatery, some of the deals available to dining customers, as well as some of the things The Old Spaghetti Factory happens to be popular for.


On January 10, 1969 in Portland, Oregon a drizzling day marked the opening of the Old Spaghetti Factory. Guss Dussin, the owner of the place, stood at the restaurant’s entrance, greeting the few customers that drifted inside. Based off of the night’s sales, the business seemed to get off at a disappointing start and Dussin’s idea that had been dubbed as terrible was rightfully named so.

However, the night’s sales were quickly forgotten in the wake of The Old Spaghetti Factory’s success. No later than a week, the sales had risen from a mere $171 to a whopping $900. By the end of the year, the restaurant had earned nearly $400,000. A year later, two more restaurants were opened and the Old Spaghetti Factory gross revenue rose to 1.3 million dollars. The restaurant today is an international success and serves on average more than 10 million customers a year.

The Old Spaghetti Factory was a rarity in its circumstance. Man y self-started restaurants failed to see after their seventh year, but the Old Spaghetti Factory has seen well past 37. The answer to the success has been accredited to Guss Dussin who believed whole heartedly in smart thinking, operating instincts, and devotion to the values of customers. His own values were seen and felt through the way the restaurant establishment was run.

In terms of business, Dussin held a philosophy that a terrific dining experience did not have to be expensive. An integral part of the formula to the Old Spaghetti Factory’s immense success is the restaurant’s ability to deliver to their customers a complete dinner that includes salad, bread, spaghetti entrée, beverage, and a dessert, at a price that both the establishment and the diners find reasonable. Everything is made to order, from scratch with only the freshest of ingredients, so not only is the price reasonable, but the quality of the food is reasonable too.

In this way, the Old Spaghetti Factory has reinvented the concept of dining. Aside from their impeccable ability to hone in on hard work and great quality food, another contributing factor to the restaurant’s success is their real estate. Dussin was able to develop a restaurant in a place where others deemed unworkable. Older warehouse districts allotted the restaurant to be established in a place where rent was much lower. The business the restaurant accumulated, the more other businesses came along in order to establish more stores and businesses. So an unworkable area became one of better quality simply because Dussin opened his restaurant.

Over the years, the restaurant has maintained its menu, décor, and philosophy of service. Their management team includes people who have been with the family from the start. Although there are things that remain the same, it has not stopped the company from making new and profitably wise decisions. In 1980, The Old Spaghetti Factory opened its first franchise in Japan and hopes to make later openings in different countries in the future. New food items have been added to the menu over time. And in January of 1997, Dussin made a leadership change by passing the company to his son Chris Dussin.


Although choosing to dine at an Old Spaghetti Factory location is a deal in itself, the restaurant does sometimes offer coupons and deals that can be used to decrease your overall meal price. These deals are generally offered for a limited amount of time. In addition to this, they also have the possibility to only be honored at specific locations. Due to this, it is advised to ask the server or waitress if the coupon can be used before ordering your meal. It is also advised to check websites like Retail Me Not, dealspl.us, campusfood.com, or Coolsavings, when looking for coupons.

These are occasional offers that are to be remembered. Old Spaghetti Factory Coupons are also occasionally issued in newspaper ads and Sunday papers. A deal that is offered on a continuous basis is the offer to join the Kid’s Club which you can enroll on through the restaurant’s official website. When enrolled, you are offered occasional discounts, promotions, and a free kid’s meal during your child’s birthday.

What’s Popular

A factor that adds onto the overall uniqueness of The Old Spaghetti Factory aside from the restaurant’s location is the collaboration the restaurant has with its interior decoration. Dussin believed that the décor was what led customers to the restaurants’ far away locations. Although the first restaurant was decorated with things from garage sales, today’s restaurants are filled with antiques and other interior improvements valued at a price of over a million dollars.

Filled with strategically placed whimsical antiques and decorative items that include velvet armchairs, vintage fringed lamps, booths made from iron bedsteads, the décor is truly what aids the Factory with making the dining experience quite memorable. Over the years, in spite of changes in technology and revenue, the Old Spaghetti Factory has retained its “warehouse” feel, which is important, especially because it says it in its name.

Along with decoration, food is also what remains popular with the restaurant. The Classics menu offer popular foods like spaghetti with your choice of mushroom sauce, rich meat sauce, browned butter and feta-mizithra cheese sauce, just to name a few. Other popular meal items include baked lasagna, which is a delectable layer of noodles, tomato sauce, and four different kinds of cheese, and the restaurant’s fettuccine Alfredo. Every meal is served with green salad, freshly baked bread, and a dessert of ice cream.

Now that you know a thing or two about the internationally successful Old Spaghetti Factory, head to their official website and check out a location near you. The airy, spacious, intricately beautiful restaurant with its reasonably priced appetizing food is beckoning for you. I recommend this place to anyone who has never been there. It’s a place that shouldn’t be missed. It is America’s leading pasta-based family restaurant chain and it keeps the customers coming back for more.

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