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On the Border has become one of the most popular Mexican restaurant chains in the United States. Though its original and primary focus remains on the United States, On the Border has recently expanded to other areas of the world, opening restaurants in Canada, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The restaurant chain is owned by the company Brinker International and was founded in 1984 by Norman E. Brinker. As a wholly owned subsidiary, the restaurant has much freedom of expansion and its ownership group is creative in its marketing approach. Brinker originally founded the restaurant in hopes of providing affordable Mexican cuisine in a fun atmosphere and that remains the primary goal for On the Border.

On the Border staples

Those people who pick up On the Border coupons will undoubtedly want to try out a few of the restaurant’s most famous items. Though they do offer a complete menu of Mexican cuisine, there are some specialty items that have become staples, so to speak. Of those, the fajitas are probably the most popular. The restaurant serves fajitas in the traditional manner, with blazing hot plates and plenty of stuff inside. They are known for some of the meatiest fajitas of any Mexican chain.

Likewise, On the Border coupon holders should not forget about the company’s dedication to a fun atmosphere. How do they help to make this atmosphere so compelling? They offer a wide range of delicious margaritas. During the summer months, the restaurant offers specialty margaritas each night at a specialty price. Additionally, many of the chains have begun to carry many different types of imported Mexican beer. This has gone a long way in helping to establish On the Border as a more authentic Mexican experience, distinguishing it from run of the mill Mexican stops.

On the Border catering

Those who live close to an On the Border location can take advantage of the catering. The restaurant has gotten more and more involved in the catering business over the last five years, and it caters for both personal parties and business events. With the wide range of Mexican foods available, it is easy for people to use their On the Border coupons to create a worthy and generous Mexican spread of items. Likewise, this is one of the most affordable ways to feed an entire party of folks or feed an entire business crew during a meeting. Most locations will deliver and handle the setup of the food, making it a truly convenient program.

Customer flexibility

One thing that On the Border has become well known for is its approach to customer ordering. They have marketed the “create your own” meal deals that come at a low price. This gives customers the opportunity to eat what they want, even if it’s not put together on the menu. Both in television commercials and on its website, On the Border has been active in marketing the “create your own” approach, and that has become its staple.

Today’s On the Border programs

People with On the Border coupons should know about some of the ways the company has made itself more modern. In an ongoing effort to increase customer satisfaction, On the Border has developed an online ordering program. Through its website, the restaurant allows customers to search for a local chain and then place their order online. This helps to speed up the process for takeout orders and has made On the Border a legitimate choice for those in a hurry. The system is designed well and it is fully interactive.

Additionally, On the Border does many summer programs that are designed to promote its characteristic atmosphere. These are done by location, so each city is different. Some will host Margarita Mondays, for example, where those drinks are given at a significant discount.

Fiesta for the Cure

Another of the programs that On the Border runs throughout the year is one called Fiesta for the Cure. A program designed to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness, this is the chain’s attempt to donate money to a worthy cause. Much of the money raised is through the restaurant’s catering program, which has become ever popular over the last few years.

Club Cantina

One of the best ways to take advantage of all that On the Border has to offer is through its Club Cantina program. This program is an easy member-based initiative that people can sign up for either online or in person. When a part of Club Cantina, individuals get great updates on the latest deals and they get every available discount that comes about. The more one eats at On the Border, the more On the Border coupons they can get through the Club Cantina program. These come through email and are often excellent deals in comparison to other chain restaurants.

When visiting the On the Border website, individuals who sign up for Club Cantina get an automatic coupon to use at their next meal. They receive a free order of queso or the restaurant’s ever popular sopapillas as a reward for just signing up. The signup process is streamlined and takes a matter of seconds for those who are the least bit computer savvy.

How to find rebates online

Finding On the Border coupons right online is easy, as the company has made a concerted effort to put lots of these right on the internet. The most popular place to go for coupons is the company’s primary website, as it features regular offers during big events. These offers are often small and printable, but they are worth your time if you are planning on visiting the restaurant. As mentioned previously, signing up for Club Cantina is probably the best way to get these coupons online, since you will receive them continuously through email. The company also sends out On the Border coupons through regular mail for those customers who have opted in to the program via the online club interface.

Finding rebates offline

On the Border has changed its marketing approach over the last few years, and most of its efforts are now concentrated online through its website and affiliate marketing websites. That is not to say that you can only use the internet, though. Given the highly personal nature of each On the Border location, there are some that will advertise in local business magazines and even in the local newspaper. These are typically not cut-out coupons, but they will advertise deals that might be upcoming at the restaurant.

Likewise, On the Border is a regular participant in coupon book efforts. Many local organizations offer coupon books that include deals at many local restaurants and businesses. The Attractions Dining and Value guide is one of these and the books are usually sold as part of fundraiser programs for churches and schools. In there, one will find plenty of great deals for On the Border, including two-for-one coupons and free appetizer offers. Though these are readily available, the smart move for conscious consumers is to use the company’s website, since the majority of On the Border coupons will appear there before they appear in any print publication around town. Still, there are many available options.

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