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Founding and History of P F Chang’s

P F Chang’s China Bistro is a Chinese Bistro founded in Scottsdale, Arizona by Paul Fleming in 1993. The restaurant chain serves a health-oriented menu that could accurately be described as a modern American take on many classic Chinese dishes. The resultant cuisine is distinct, healthier than standard Chinese food by most measures, and very original. The fresh take on pan-Asian cuisine has inspired several other major chains, including P F Chang’s sister-chain, Pei Wei. The company retains its corporate offices in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Genesis of the Name P F Chang

The name P F Chang is actually a combination of Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. Chiang’s surname was shortened to Chang to make it more recognizable by patrons who might have problems accurately pronouncing the complex syllable and its accompanying tone. The result is a name that truly symbolizes the pan-Asian nature of P F Chang’s China Bistro, but it does not cover the primary reasons why the restaurant chain has become so popular.

P F Chang’s Has an Award Winning Gluten Free Menu

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America was one of the first independent groups to recognize the healthy aspects of P F Chang’s menu, but they are certainly not the last. The company has won the hearts and minds of many exotic-food enthusiasts with its combination of healthy foods and exotic tastes. Dieters on a strict low-gluten diet have few alternatives to P F Chang’s China Bistro if they want delicious pan-Asian cuisine, which ensures a stream of health-oriented customers.

Popular dishes include:

• Ginger chicken stir-fry
• Romaine lettuce wraps with citrus soy
• Shanghai noodles with grilled rib-eye and broccoli
• Sweet and tart ginger chicken salad

The Dining Experience Counts Too!

Not only odes P F Chang’s China Bistro offer a fresh and healthy take on a number of classic dishes from the Pacific Rim, it also has received numerous awards for the architecture present in its restaurants. The architecture and layout of the restaurants are carefully planned with the help of MBH Architects, and the results have awed diners in some of the most popular locations, including: Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Palo Alto, Rancho Mirage, San Jose, Seattle, and Walnut Creek. Patrons and reviewers alike have referred to many P F Chang’s China Bistro locations as a feast for both the eyes and the mouth.

As of 2010, P F Chang’s China Bistro operates over 200 restaurants, and is expanding beyond the shores of the United States. The first two P F Chang’s China Bistro locations open abroad were located in Mexico City and Kuwait city, though more are planned for the future.

Current Deals & the P F Chang’s Warrior Card

While individual restaurants and the entire chain alter their menu periodically, they have a chain-wide discount club card that they refer to as the P F Chang’s Warrior Card. The P F Chang’s Warrior Card uses imagery reminiscent of the terracotta warriors found in Xian, but appears to depict a dedicated ancient chef instead of a fearsome warrior. Regardless of the character that is associated with the P F Chang’s Warrior Card, the promotion offers patrons the ability to “knock” 10% off of their bill if the P F Chang’s Warrior Card is presented at the time of purchase. The P F Chang’s Warrior Card is completely free, and can be requested either online at the company’s website, or in person at any P F Chang’s China Bistro locations around the world.

Finding Coupons or Deals for P F Chang’s Online

The aforementioned P F Chang’s Warrior Card is the easiest discount to find online, especially considering that it is available at any time by visiting the website. It generally takes less than two weeks for a Warrior Card to arrive in the mail, though the chain does often quote times in the 6 to 8 weeks timeframe. In addition to applying for the P F Chang’s Warrior Card, try checking search engines such as Google.com for coupons. Consider using the following keywords:
• Start with P F Chang, P. F. Chang, P.F. Chang, or PF Chang
• Use a word such as discount, coupon, or save money
• It might be worthwhile to put a minus sign (-) and the phrase Warrior Card into a search to ensure that no extraneous results appear that are related to the chain’s discount club card.
Try using different combinations of these keywords until acceptable search results appear. It should not prove very difficult to find a fully populated search results page with virtually any combination of these keywords.

Most of the online discount clubs offer targeted coupons delivered directly to an e-mail account. This means that users get to select which deals they want, and an e-mail will be sent to them with the appropriate coupons. As with any coupon, be sure to look for:
• Expiration date
• Whether or not the coupon can be used with the Warrior Card or other discounts
• Determine what, if any, conditions apply. For example, some coupons require minimum purchases or purchases of specific items in order to be valid.
• Not all P F Chang’s coupons can be used at all P F Chang’s China Bistro locations. Know which location(s) a coupon is valid for before planning on using it.

Finding Coupons or Deals for P F Chang’s Offline

As previously mentioned, it is possible to obtain the easy-to-use P F Chang’s Warrior Card by visiting any P F Chang’s China Bistro in person. On top of this, P F Chang’s China Bistro is known to advertise in upscale publications, especially those that target golf and theater. It is not common for P F Chang’s Bistro locations to advertise discounts or deals in the local newspaper, but it does happen from time to time. As newspapers continue to redefine their position in modern society, it seems unlikely that a restaurant chain that is interested in protecting its upscale image would want to invest any significant amount of money in newspaper advertisements. On the other hand, front page advertising may prove to be an exception to this rule.

Here are some places to look for P F Chang’s discounts and deals:

• Visit a P F Chang’s China Bistro location to obtain a P F Chang Warrior Card
• Golf magazines
• Theater/Entertainment oriented publications
• Discount coupon magazines that are not given away for free (i.e. not junk mail, but something people pay for)

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