California Pizza Kitchen Coupons

California style pizza, first introduced by chefs Ed LaDou and Alice Waters from San Francisco and Berkeley, California, is a type of pizza that fuses New York and Italian styled thin crust with California themed cooking. It was made famous by chef Wolfgang Puck, who frequently served gourmet styled pizzas in his restaurants.

California Pizza Kitchen, also known as CPK, is a well known chain that specializes in this type of pizza. Not only is the pizza Californian, but the entire atmosphere of their restaurants are based on the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the state, with open hearth kitchen, creative ingredients and emphasis on affordable prices. The company’s wood burning ovens are imported from Italy. With these kinds of ovens, the pizza is seared at very high heats in order to seal in flavor and provide a healthier pizza. Based out of Los Angeles, California, California Pizza Kitchen was recently named as one of America’s best 200 small companies in Forbes magazine.

California Pizza Kitchen Background

Established in 1985, the restaurant was the brainchild of two attorneys, Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax. With over 230 locations in 32 different states, California Pizza is known for its creative and uncommon pizzas. Along with the usual pizza combos such as meat lover’s and pepperoni, there are more exotic combinations on the menu like pear and gorgonzola, carne asada, vegetarian with japanese eggplant, and roasted artichoke and spinach. Known for being the first restaurant to serve barbecued chicken pizza, the restaurant often unveils new offerings on the menu for variety. They also provide the option of a honey wheat with whole grain crust.

CPK also is known for its multiple restaurant kiosks in airports and shopping malls and their catering events. Everything from lunch boxes provided for a small office lunch to larger dinner parties are offered. For corporate events companies can even rent the new CPK mobile kitchen, a fully staffed mobile restaurant with ovens, coolers and sautee stations, or an event tent. Most of their restaurants also offer convenient online take out ordering. CPK can also be found in nine countries besides the U.S.

Well Known CPK Menu Selections

Some of CPK’s popular pizzas include:

  • The Original Barbecued Chicken – Barbecued chicken with smoked gouda and mozarella cheeses.
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken – Jerk chicken, spicy sweet caribbean sauce and applewood smoked bacon.
  • California Club – Smoked bacon, grilled chicken and mozarella with mayonnaise and avocado.
  • Thai Chicken – Chicken tossed with a spicy peanut ginger sesame sauce, mozarella and cilantro.
  • Buffalo Chicken – Grilled chicken with spicy buffalo sauce, mozarella and gorgonzola cheeses, with a side of gorgonzola ranch for dipping.

Though the main focus is on pizza, the restaurant also serves casual gourmet fare, such as soups, salads, appetizers, and a wide variety of pastas. They also put out specialties from time to time to liven up the menu, like Baja style fish tacos, Mahi Mahi, and Ginger Salmon. There’s something for just about everyone on the menu. And there’s even a CPK cookbook that can be found in bookstores and on Amazon that showcases some of their most well known and favorite pizzas.

How To Find California Pizza Kitchen Deals & Discounts Online

A quick Google search is likely to come up with a variety of the lates printable CPK coupons through discount websites. A few of the more popular sites are listed below:


It’s also worth a visit to the main website,, from time to time to check for coupons. Every so often the company will put up printable coupons, the most recent being one free small cravings menu food item for every $20.00 purchase. The company also has a Twitter website that lists new menu items, pre-opening dinner invites, and contests. This is also a great way to find deals since the employees running the site will often put up coupon links which can be found on their Facebook page as well. Customers can also sign up for an email list on the CPK website to have current promotions emailed to them.

Find Promotional California Pizza Kitchen Coupon Codes In Restaurants

For those who don’t have internet access or are looking for coupons offline, just visit a local California Pizza Kitchen chain. Current online deals and coupons can usually be found at the restaurant. Just ask the local server if they have any printed coupons, or if discounts can still be used without an internet coupon.

Coupons are also frequently given out for their frozen pizza line, which is licensed under Kraft foods and is carried at various groceries throughout the country. Deals include discounts such as customers being able to receive $1 off their next purchase of a CPK frozen pizza when they buy two. Just look for coupons or flyers in your local paper or at shopping venues.

Popular CPK Programs

One of their most well known rewards programs is the annual “Thank You Card” program, which was begun as a way of thanking guests for their loyalty. Every year, 2.7 million cards are given out to dining customers all across the U.S. when they visit a California Pizza Kitchen.The customers receive a sealed envelope, in which prizes range from getting a 10% discount off a meal to the top prize of $50,000. Other prizes include a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico, a year’s worth of frozen pizza, and other cash prizes.

Fun Events

Certain branches have different events for kids, such as a “Make Your Own Pizza night”. Chefs give children pizza making lessons, and the kids can decorate the boxes too. CPK often holds fundraisers where a portion of diner’s checks are donated to local charities.

California Pizza Kitchens also runs the “CPKids Programs”. For kids ages 10 and under in schools and in organizations, CPK provides incentives such as their Adventures in Pizza restaurant tours, which are free for non-profit organizations and schools. With the restaurant tour, kids can make their own pizza in class and receive free prizes. CPK also runs the FUNdraising program, which helps schools and non-profit agencies raise money through a CPK based FUNdraising event.

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Behr Paint Coupons

Your home is probably the biggest investment you have and to protect that investment, homeowners need to pay attention to the maintenance and upkeep of their home. One of the most important things you can do to keep your home looking good is to apply a fresh coat of paint every so often. When looking for a high quality interior or exterior paint, you can’t beat BEHR.

BEHR paint and other BEHR products are distributed through the Home Depot chain of home improvement stores. The Company prides itself on being a good corporate citizen, looking out for the environment and producing the highest quality, most technologically advanced paints, stains and related products on the market today.

Behr Company History

It all started back in 1947 for the BEHR brand when Otto Behr Jr. started selling linseed oil to paint stores out of the back of his station wagon. As he made his deliveries, he repeatedly heard merchants complain that there was not a good product to apply to redwood that would both enhance and preserve its appearance. Ever the entrepreneur, Otto Behr Jr. went to his father, Otto Behr Sr. and asked for help to develop a suitable product for redwood application. The senior Mr. Behr, an accomplished chemist, came up with a clear finish and stain that was perfect for applying to redwood. From these humble beginnings out of the family garage, the business began to grow. In 1948, the business needed more space and was moved to an 800 square foot Quonset hut building in Pasadena, California.

As the years passed and the reputation of the BEHR Process Corporation grew, demand for the top quality stains and varnishes could not be met from one small structure in Pasadena. Additional manufacturing plants sprouted up all around the country. Over the next 40 years or so, plants were opened in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

In 1986, BEHR expanded their product line to include interior and exterior paints, keeping to their original business plan of providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced products available anywhere in the world.

In 1999, after being a private entity for 52 years, BEHR Process Corporation was acquired by Masco Corporation of Taylor, Michigan. The power and additional resources provided by Masco Corporation allowed BEHR to continue to grow and expand their operations. Today, they have many locations in the United States and Canada as well as a significant presence overseas in countries that include China, India and Guam. A 2007 partnership with Home Depot-China opened up a vast opportunity to serve the world’s biggest market.

Today, BEHR continues to expand its brand presence while maintaining the highest industry standards. They are commited to investing heavily in research and development to come up with new products and maintain their position as a leader in their industry.

BEHR Products and Services

From its humble beginnings producing a single stain and finish for redwood products, BEHR has become a top of the line producer of a whole range of products. Known for their premium interior and exterior paints, BEHR also offers the finest in stains, primers, faux and decorative finishes, specialty paints, concrete and masonry water proofers, garage floor coatings, wood floor coatings, cleaners, strippers and removers. All of their products are manufactured to meet and exceed the most ridgid of all industry standards.

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint is one of the most popular choices for homeowners wishing to spruce up the outer appearance of their house. Using advanced NANOGUARD technology, this top of the line product is both a primer and a paint. It is designed to help keep your house looking newer for a longer period of time than other exterior paint products. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, siding, brick, masonry, stucco, fences and garage doors. The product contains an extra protective shield that minimizes the potentially damaging effects of direct sunlight. It also protects against moisture, stains and dirt and inhibits the growth of mildew. This Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint is backed by a lifetime guarantee by BEHR.

BEHR makes a complete line of interior paints suitable for all applications posible inside the home. One very good product that can be used throughout the house, but is particularly suited for areas where water may splash on the walls (such as the kitchen and bathroom) is BEHR’s Interior Premium Plus Ultra Interior Semi Gloss Enamel. Made of 100% acrylic latex, using their patented NANOGUARD technology, this paint is extremely durable, protects against moisture and mildew and can be easily cleaned. It can be ordered in over 2,000 different colors and takes fewer coats to completely hide any old, undesirable finishes.


When it comes to producing safe products, BEHR spares no expense. They have never made a paint product that contains lead pigments and manufacture their entire line of products with the safety of their workers as well as their customers as a top priority. All products have warning labels and instructions for proper use and the Company will provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all of their products. Paint products and other chemical solutions are inherently dangerous if not used properly and BEHR does all it can to ensure that anyone who uses their products, uses them safely.

BEHR Color Samples

When you are planning to paint a room or more, you often have trouble visualizing the right color scheme. BEHR solves this problem by providing 8 ounce cans of sample paints which are available for their more than 2,000 possible colors. The samples normally cost $6.95 each, but are available through the website for just $3.94 each. If you buy 3 or more samples, shipping is free. For an even better price on BEHR color samples, visit where you can order online samples for just $2.94 per 8 ounce sample.

Online Coupons for BEHR Products

From time to time, BEHR will offer discounts on some of their products. They usually have special deals, discounts and coupons available both on their website, on Home Depot’s website and on a number of sites that specialize in couponing. Most of their promotions are centered around holidays, but they can appear at any time. Recently, for the Fourth of July holiday (June 24th, 2010 through July 5th, 2010), BEHR and Home Depot offered $5.00 off on any gallon of their product and $20.00 off on any 5 gallon product.

While specific BEHR coupons are not always easy to find, Home Depot does offer a 10% discount on any product they sell when you join up to their moving club site. You’ll receive information on what you need to move as well as a discount of 10% at the Home Depot to help you get started in your new place. Technically, the savings are meant for people who have moved or are in the process of moving, but, they do not check your address.

Offline Behr Deals are Available at the Post Office

Moving kits and change of address kits at your local post office contain a 10% discount card from either Home Depot or Lowes. Home Depot honors competitor coupons, so a Lowes discount will work for purchasing BEHR products.

The next time your in the market for paint or perhaps some waterproofing product, consider the superior quality of BEHR, available at your local Home Depot.

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Venus Razor Coupons

Gillette Company History

Gillette was first incorporated in 1901 as the American Safety Razor Company and specializes in the manufacture of high-quality personal care items. It is considered the world leader in men’s grooming products and a top producer of ladies’ razors. Gillette also owns the Papermate, Parker, and Waterman brands of writing instruments as well as Oral-B dental products and Duracell batteries. With 64 factories in 27 countries, Gillette employs over 29,000 people worldwide. Gillette products are sold in over 200 countries with 60% of sales occurring outside of the United States.

How It All Began

In 1895, King Gillette became frustrated at the dull edge of his straight razor. The idea for a razor with a disposable blade that never needed sharpening flashed into Gillette’s mind. As a traveling salesman, he had been trying to think of a new product that would need to be used and replaced regularly. Gillette soon built a new business around this idea and started the American Safety Razor Company. In 1904, Gillette received a patent on the new safety razor design. Sales rose dramatically from 51 sets in 1903 to over 90,000 razors and 123,000 blades in 1904. The next year, Gillette had made enough money to buy a six-story building to house their operation. By 1905, Gillette was able to make their first dividend payments and begin to expand internationally. Gillette’s success was sealed with the beginning of World War I. The government ordered 3.5 million razors and 36 million blades to fully supply the US troops serving in the war effort. Gillette has continued to offer innovative new razor products and has only grown as times have changed.

The Full Line of Venus Razors

The Venus razor is a luxurious grooming item designed for women and made by Gillette. This innovative ladies’ razor is available in three styles including refillable razors, disposable razors, and a bikini trimmer. No matter which type you choose, you’ll experience the closest shave possible.

Refillable Venus Razors

The refillable Venus models come in four convenient models including:

  • The Venus Embrace contains five blades for the smoothest shave possible along with moisture ribbons that condition your skin as you shave. It comes in your choice of pink or blue/green and features a soft grip that helps you hold onto the razor in the shower.
  • The Venus Spa Breeze is a light pink razor with a three-blade cartridge. No need for shaving lotion when you use the Spa Breeze razor. Just add water and the shave gel bars will create just the right amount of lather during use. The spa experience comes into play when the water activates the shave gel, and the soothing scent of white tea is released.
  • The Venus Divine is another three-blade refillable razor. It comes in blue and features moisture strips infused with botanical oils for baby-smooth skin with every shave.
  • Many women still prefer the original Venus three-in-one razor. This aqua-blue ladies’ razor continues to satisfy with its three blades and protective cushion.

Disposable Venus Razors

Gillette offers many of the same features in convenient disposable razors. Even if you usually use a refillable razor, the disposable versions offer a great option for travel. Simply pack a few and throw them away after use. No need to repack a wet razor or worry about leaving them behind. They also make a good item to store in your guest bathroom for overnight visitors who didn’t remember to pack their own. In addition to the Venus Embrace and Venus Spa Breeze disposable razors that are very similar to their refillable sisters, Gillette offers several additional models in the disposable category.

  • For beach-ready legs, try the Venus Tropical disposable razor. These brightly colored razors come in lime green, banana yellow, and raspberry red and feature a rich moisture strip with aloe. This disposable also include a pivoting head for those hard to reach places as well as an improved fresh scent.
  • The same features are offered in the Venus Oceana and Venus Malibu razors for an ocean-blue or tropical-orange color choice.
  • If you have sensitive skin, the pink Venus Sensitive is the razor for you. It features the same three-blade system for a close shave, but also includes extra lubricants to protect your sensitive skin.
  • Gillette offers the Simply Venus disposable razor for women who are looking for a more affordable razor. This razor continues to include the three-blade system and moisture strips, but comes at a much lower price.

Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer

The innovative new Venus Bikini Trimmer will do what no other razor has done before. It features a comb above the razor to make sure that you trim your sensitive bikini area to an even length just as easily as you shave other areas. This blue razor features a single blade that will skim across the surface with no chances for nicks or cuts. If you require a closer shave, finish your look by going back over the bikini area with the Venus Embrace razor in either the refillable or disposable model. For a complete package, Gillette offers the Venus and Olay Bikini Kit. With this kit, you will receive a Venus Bikini Trimmer razor, a refillable Venus Embrace razor, and a tube of Olay Bikini lotion. This kit will make grooming your most sensitive area an easy task.

Find Valuable Offers at the Official Gillette Venus Razor Website

Visit to find valuable offers. Enter the 365 Days of Goddess Style contest to win goddess-worthy prizes. This sweepstakes is free to enter, but you must register before July 23. Venus and Op have partnered to make this great offer. Six lucky goddesses will win a year’s worth of Venus products, an Op duffel bag, and a selection of OP fashions from the OP Back-to-School collection. To enter, you must be eighteen years old and a legal resident of the United States or Canada (except for Quebec).

Gillette Venus Discounts and Coupons

Proctor and Gamble, the parent company for Gillette, has a coupon insert covering many of their products in your local Sunday paper about once a month. Remember to look in this insert for valuable discount coupons that can be used when purchasing any one of the Gillette Venus razors. Frequently, Proctor and Gamble will include separate coupons for refillable razors and disposable razors. The next scheduled date for this insert is July 25th. Check the Venus website frequently for coupon announcements. Proctor and Gamble often includes coupons in their other print advertisements as well. As you flip through your favorite magazines, remember to look for Venus razor coupons.

Gillette Venus Online Coupons

Coupons for Gillette Venus razors can be found at several online sites during the same time periods when they are available in print. This is a convenient way to find Gillette Venus razor coupons if you don’t normally clip coupons from the paper or scour magazines for specific offers. Simply find a site that offers Proctor & Gamble coupons and register. Not only will you find valuable coupons for the Venus razor and other Proctor & Gamble products, you will probably find many other money saving offers that are a convenient click away. Simply choose the coupons that you want, print them at home, and take them into the store to start saving.

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Starbucks Coupons

Next time you are thinking of stopping by a Starbucks location for a signature frosty Frappuccino or a creamy cappuccino, consider taking advantage of the many Starbucks coupons and discounts that are available both online and in their retail stores. The information on this page will provide resources for money saving offers for a variety of Starbucks drinks, retail items and more. This information will help coffee lovers to get the best deals out there on the Starbucks products they crave. This page will tell Starbucks aficionados where to find the best discounts and how best to use Starbucks coupons, in Starbucks retail locations, grocery stores and online.

Starbucks Company History

The first Starbucks Coffee retail location opened in Pike’s Place Market in the city of Seattle on March 30th, 1971. From the time that the very first cup of Starbuck’s House Blend was served to their first customer, caffeine craving patrons have been lining up to enjoy the ever-evolving drink menu that Starbucks has become famous for. Pioneers in the idea of creating a “Third Place”, Starbucks’ founders strove to establish a welcoming and relaxing environment, the place people could come to after work, but before home. A place to socialize or, as is increasingly the case, to work, Starbucks has become more than just a coffee shop. Many would argue that Starbucks has surpassed its reputation as a fast food beverage chain and has gone on to create a lifestyle. In some areas it seems that there is a Starbucks on every corner and a signature green emblem stamped white paper cup in every hand. Starbucks retail stores are now found all over the world, with Starbucks brand products showing up on local grocery store shelves and online.

Starbucks is now by far the largest coffee company in the world. As of this writing, The Starbucks Coffee Company has more than 17, 133 retail coffee houses in more than 49 countries. America leads the pack with a whopping 11,068 Starbucks stores. Starbucks claim to fame is specialty roasted premium coffees and specialty hot drinks with an espresso base. In recent years, Starbucks has expanded their menu to include a variety of cold and blended drinks, including the mega-popular blended Frappuccino. Frappuccinos are available in an ever-expanding array of flavors, both coffee based and cream based. The latest evolution is the fully customizable Frappucino, which allows customers to mix and match various drink components to create a one of a kind, personalized blended beverage.

Starbucks also offers a full line of artisan teas, served either hot or iced or as part of a steamed milk latte. In recent years, Starbucks has expanded their menu to include a wide selection of cold sandwiches, salads, snacks, morning and afternoon pastries and at some locations, warm breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. While visiting a Starbucks retail location, customers can stock up on whole or ground coffee beans and boxes of their favorite teas. Their retail locations also offer a selection of seasonal gift and personal items such as mugs, travel cups, coffee accessories, occasional books, toys or games and the Barista Bear, a collectable plush bear that dons seasonal Starbucks gear. Many larger locations also offer a selection of coffee grinding machines, espresso machines and home brewing systems. Starbucks customers can now bring all of the equipment necessary home to re-create the perfect cup of Starbucks coffee. Grocery shoppers can pick up a pound of Starbucks coffee beans in a variety of signature roasts, or indulge in the Starbucks brand ice cream.

The Starbucks brand does not end at great beverages, tasty food and clever gifts, the company also operates the Starbucks Entertainment division and the brand, Hear Music. This offshoot allows Starbucks to promote music, films and books within their retail locations and online through their website. Starbucks tailors each location’s offering by region, tying local promotions into the areas interests.

Popular Starbucks Promotional Deals

  • Free sample of VIA Ready Brew. To celebrate the launch of it’s first foray into instant coffee, Starbucks is currently offering samples of their VIA Ready Brew in all licensed U.S. locations. The samples will typically be made available throughout the day, but customers can always request a sample.
  • Starbucks Card Rewards. After signing up for a Starbucks Card, customers will receive rewards and incentives each time they use the card. A few samples of what customers can expect are: free beverages, free coffee refills, free drip coffee with the purchase of whole or ground Starbucks coffee beans at any retail location.
  • Any Grande cold beverage for $2. Take advantage of the “Treat Receipt” program that is running from June 29th until October 4th. Simply make any Starbucks purchase before 2 p.m. and save your receipt to receive an Grande cold beverage for just $2 when you return after 2 p.m. the same day.
  • Free Starbucks Drip Coffee with Purchase of Beans. Visit any Starbucks Coffee Company location and purchase a one pound bag of whole or ground coffee beans and receive a tall cup of drip brewed coffee.

Starbucks Coupons and Discounts

  • $1 off purchase of a 5-pack of Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee. Starbucks own version of instant coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans sweetened with just a touch of sugar. This special blend is 100% natural and is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in cold water. Simply visit to download and print this coupon.
  • Free Starbucks Grocery Coupon Book with online purchase. Shoppers making a purchase directly from the Starbucks website retail store will receive a book full of coupons good for various Starbucks retail items such as: Starbucks brand ice cream, Starbucks coffee, Starbucks Ready to Drink Frappuccino and the Starbucks Double Shot.
  • Starbucks Retail Clearance. The clearance section of the retail website offers Starbucks merchandise at a discounted price. Check often for discounts on mugs, cups, water bottles, seasonal items and more.
  • Starbucks Circular Coupons. Many local Sunday newspapers carry coupon supplements such as Cool Savings, that offer Starbucks coupons. Check your local newspaper for the latest in Starbucks coupons and discounts.

There are a variety of Starbucks coupons, discounts and promotions available for Starbucks coffee fans. With a little investigative research and the help of the tips listed on this page, Starbucks supporters can score great deals on their favorite Starbucks offerings. Remember to check with the official Starbucks website for all of the latest promotions and discounts. The information on this page with current and the offers were valid at the time of this writing.

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LensCrafters Coupons

There’s no question that LensCrafters is the top company in the optical and contact lenses industry. They are without a doubt, the most established and professional company for consumers to purchase contact lenses and other optical eyewear from. For years, they have provided various markets, especially in the US, with contact lenses and other fine optical products at extremely affordable rates. LensCrafters was founded in 1983. It was one of the first optical retailers to guarantee that you would have your eyeglasses within an hour of walking through their doors. By offering such a fabulous guarantee and mixing fantastic customer service into their winning business formula, LensCrafters has managed to take the optical retailing industry by storm. They were able to protect the customer experience by bringing in in-house optometrists, an in-house optical laboratory, and a huge selection of eyeglasses and other optical equipment, all under one roof. LensCrafters offers every type of optical lens and frame you can think of, from woman’s frames and sunglasses, to children’s sunglasses and frames, to contact lenses, and everything else you can think of in between.

One of the main reasons LensCrafters is such a heavyweight in the contact lens and optical retailing industry is due to some of the fantastic promotions they put out for their customers on a regular basis. More often than not, if you go to your favorite search engine and type in something like LensCrafters coupons, you will likely find more coupons and rebates than you can shake a stick at. LensCrafters is notorious for giving out great rebates, which is mainly why they have become the largest retailer in the industry. However, it has been my experience after doing hours upon hours of research on the Internet that there are a few websites that stick out the most when it comes to finding the best possible deals for products from LensCrafters. In this guide, I will do my very best to teach you how to find the sites, compare the coupons on each of these sites, and finally, choose which coupon is best for you, based upon your unique situation.

One of my favorite sites is a site called Mahalo. I especially like Mahalo because of its sheer ease of use and easy to understand user interface. More often than not, when you visit other coupon sites, you will find lots of complicated bulletins and confusing layouts that may hinder you from finding the coupon that you need. With Mahalo, it’s as simple as going to the article and checking out the sources area, where you will find many coupon codes listed, as well as other places where you can find coupon codes, all for free courtesy of Mahalo. Once you find a coupon you need, simply write down the code and use it when you check out online. If you plan on buying from a physical LensCrafters store near you, simply print out the coupon and bring it with you when you go. Once you are there, your LensCrafters associate will know what to do with it, just make sure to bring it with you, otherwise they might not honor it, even though you have it laying around somewhere in your home.

A second favorite site of mine when it comes to finding coupons, especially for LensCrafters, is a site called Ultimate Coupon. I especially like Ultimate Coupon because, just like Mahalo, the user interface is extremely user-friendly and does not allow for many mistakes on your part, which seems to be very hard to find on the Internet these days. However, unlike Mahalo, Ultimate Coupon has a really cool feature which will show you how many people, if any, have been able to successfully use a coupon that they have displayed on their website for LensCrafters. Although this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, this is a huge timesaver in my experience, simply because many times when you go to the store with a coupon that is out of date and doesn’t work, you find yourself having to buy at full retail price, or having to drive all the way back home and find another coupon that has not expired yet. This feature in itself would seduce me into buying a membership at Ultimate Coupon if it wasn’t a free service like it is now. I’m surprised when I see how many coupon sites do not offer this incredibly valuable feature, since it is fairly inexpensive to implement on any website on the Internet and helps users immensely.

The last coupon site that I would highly recommend is a site called Fat Wallet. I love using fat wallet, just like I love using the other two websites I listed above because of its very intuitive interface and huge database of coupon codes. When I’m in the market for a LensCrafters coupon code, I can always count on Fat Wallet having a coupon for my every need at LensCrafters, whether I am in need of contact lenses, frames, or sunglasses. Fat Wallet has yet to disappoint me.

Regardless of which of the three sites I listed above that you decide to use, I have no doubt that you will have absolutely no problem finding whatever coupon you need for your next purchase at LensCrafters, whether it’s online or at one of their stores in your town. I hope this article has been helpful to you and that you will have no trouble finding every LensCrafters coupon that you’ve ever needed. However, if for any reason none of these sites seem to pan out for you, which I would find extremely unlikely, since all three sites are updated daily with new coupons, especially coupons for LensCrafters purchases, do not be afraid to go to your favorite search engine and search for LensCrafters coupons.

Though I only discussed three different coupon sites above, there are many more to choose from, with more and more popping up on the web every day it seems. It would not surprise me if there is another site that is relatively new that can match or exceed the convenience and usability of Mahalo, Ultimate Coupon, and Fat Wallet, so if you manage to find an even better coupon site or forum that is head and shoulders above these big three, don’t be afraid to use them for your coupon needs at LensCrafters. Just remember one thing – be sure to share the site you found with us so that we can share it with our readers and have as many people as possible benefit from your discovery! I wish you the best of luck on your journey to find the most lucrative LensCrafters coupons available. Enjoy the hunt!

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