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Diapering isn’t usually an exciting task. However, if it has to be done, it is certainly best that it be convenient. For many years, diapering was a mundane task, with only rudimentary supplies that parents had access to. However, thanks to companies like Pampers, disposable diapers are now widely used by all caregivers. There is a good deal of thought that has gone into the development of this widely-used brand, as well as interesting history that led to the modern products that parents know and love.

Pampers Founding and History

Disposable diapers began to be researched in the early 1940s, many years before the first Pampers coupon was ever issued. Early models were really nothing more than plastic pants stuffed with tissue. When an American mother, Marion Donovan, began toying with the idea of disposable diapers, true progress was made. She was awarded four different legal patents for her designs. By 1949, disposable diapers were made available to American consumers through the Johnson and Johnson company. Seven years later, in 1956, a Proctor and Gamble associate, Victor Mills, threw his hat into the ring, developing a cutting edge version that became known as the Pampers brand. While Victor was the main mastermind behind the design, the name was contributed by Alfred Goldman, the man who first worked to market the product. Pampers have continued to dominate the market for over fifty years, with their strongest competitor being the Huggies brand. This competitive factor has led to several things, including:

*Lower prices
*Refastenable closures
*Streamlined designs
*Less leaks
*Trimmer fit
*Development of super-absorbent materials

When you begin to look for Pampers coupons, there are many interesting tidbits that most people don’t stop and think about. For example, when Pampers and other brands were first introduced, they were still dependent on diaper pins to secure the diaper on the baby. The adhesive tapes that are so familiar to today’s parents weren’t introduced until the early 1970s. At that time, they weren’t refastenable and would rip the diaper front upon removal. The absorbent gel that you are so familiar with in disposable diapers was unheard of until 1986. This breakthrough decreased the bulk of Pampers and their competitors significantly.

Products and Marketing

Pampers has always held a spotlight in their particular market, both creating and popularizing many breakthroughs in disposable diapering. Pampers has one of the most complete lines of disposable diapering products, including a full size range of baby diapers, bet-wetting pants, training pants, swim diapers and baby wipes. They also manufacture complementary products such as disposable bibs.

Pampers diapers come in 7 sizes, with the largest size being available only in their Cruisers line. This large size range led to probably their most recognizable and famous advertising campaign, which was launched in partnership with famous pediatrician Dr. T. Berry Brazelton. Dr. Brazelton heavily endorsed the larger sizes of Pampers, believing that potty training should be left to the child’s own discretion, with little pressure from parents. This created quite a stir among other experts, who felt that parent-led potty training was desirable and that children should not be allowed to remain in diapers past the age of two. Many people felt that Dr. Brazelton’s association with Pampers created a conflict-of-interests.

Despite the controversy surrounding this particular campaign, Pampers continues to claim a large market share. Pampers uses various methods to promote their products, including:

*Magazine ads
*Television commercials
*Product placements in movies and sitcoms
*Direct mail campaigns, often including valuable Pampers coupons

Obtaining Pampers Coupons Online

Because diapers are such an ongoing and large expense in a family’s budget, gaining access to quality Pampers coupons is very advantageous. For the easiest access to Pampers coupons, begin by searching various online sources.

Sites that offer printable coupons provide a quick and easy way to gain immediate access to Pampers coupons. Depending on how a particular database is organized, you may be able to find your specific coupons for free. In many cases, however, a signup process is required to even see what is available. You may find that, once signed up for the program, they don’t offer the Pampers coupons that you prefer or that they aren’t as valuable as you expected. Exercise caution with these sources; you might want to favor those that have strong referrals by friends or other experienced parents.

Another way to access the power of the Internet to receive quality Pampers coupons is to request them via the Pampers website or through their partnership programs. In order to receive the coupons, you must give your name and mailing address at the minimum. This allows the affiliates to send you the Pampers coupons in the mail. You may also receive other complementary offers and coupons through these programs. Doing something as simple as emailing to compliment or give suggestions about Pampers can also result in high-value Pampers coupons. In many cases, Pampers will send a printable email coupon, requiring no additional or identifying information to be given.

Offline Sources of Pampers Coupons

While it is certainly convenient to instantly receive Pampers coupons via the Internet, some of the most valuable and high-dollar coupons are not given through electronic means. In fact, the best Pampers coupons are provided via a distinct network of marketing. To find quality discounts, look in the following places:

*Newspaper inserts, especially the Sunday edition
*Advertising spreads, such as RedPlum
*Your doctor’s office
*Hospital gift packs
*Magazines geared towards parents
*Promotional sample packs, such as those given at department stores

The best coupons are almost always issued when a product is being newly released or redesigned. The company wants to get the Pampers into the hands of as many parents as possible. Often, you will find offers, both online and off, for free samples. These samples usually include valuable Pampers coupons, sometimes for as much as $5 off the product. If you purchase a standard size bag of diapers, this can be a discount of almost 50%. Subsequent coupon discounts, however, go down from that point, so get your hands on as many of the good coupons as you can. Samples usually are limited to one per address, however, so keep that in mind.

Using the Pampers Website

While Pampers coupons are designed to get you familiar with their product, that doesn’t mean that the Pampers company doesn’t also want to reward their loyal customer base that already enjoys their products. In fact, by visiting the Pampers website, you can actually find exclusive Pampers coupons, as well as an appealing customer loyalty program.

The Pampers customer incentive program is very easy to participate in. When you purchase Pampers products, there is a promotional code on each package. When you sign up at the Pampers website, these codes can be redeemed for points. Points can be accumulated and then redeemed for promotions, products and merchandise found in the Pampers Rewards Catalog. Catalog items include entries to win free Pampers products, sweepstakes entries for family vacations, magazine subscriptions, photo prints and restaurant gift certificates. You can also get high-value Pampers coupons, as well as discounts to partners such as Gymboree.

Pampers creates a superior disposable diaper with a long and rich history. However, no matter how much you love the products, looking for Pampers coupons is a good idea. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available to help you save.

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