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People with pets have no doubt heard of PetSmart. Offering a variety of products and services for pets, “pet parents”, and animal lovers, PetSmart is a common location to shop for pet-related needs.

Company Overview

PetSmart is dedicated to creating healthy, happy lives for pets. Founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty, PetSmart now operates over 1,160 stores throughout the United States and Canada, with a headquarters located in Phoenix, AZ. Offering over 10,000 products and a variety of pet services in every store, PetSmart is now the largest existing specialty pet retailer.

PetSmart Charities

Established in 1994, PetSmart Charities is an independent nonprofit group dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets and raising public awareness of animal welfare concerns. Having provided more than $109 million in grants and programs to benefit animal welfare, PetSmart Charities is the largest funder of such efforts in North America.

PetSmart customers can rest assured that PetSmart does not sell dogs and cats in their stores. Instead, PetSmart Charities partners with local shelters to offer adoption services for pets in need of loving homes.

Available Products

Those looking to purchase a small pet will find a variety to choose from at PetSmart stores:

• guinea pigs
• hamsters and dwarf hamsters
• birds
• reptiles
• fish
• chinchillas
• rats and mice
as well as all of the necessary habitats, toys, bedding, and food. A wide selection of necessities for dogs and cats is also available. Both brick-and-mortar PetSmart stores and the website are clearly subdivided by pet type for a quick and easy shopping experience.

Though purchase of small pets is only available in stores, PetSmart’s website does offer an online adoption center for dogs and cats. Here prospective pet owners can search for adoptable animals at nearby shelters. PetSmart only lists nonprofit shelters that cover initial vaccinations and spay/neuter services, or those that offer spay/neuter vouchers to give new pet owners peace of mind.

Services Offered

• Grooming
Grooming services for dogs and cats are offered at many PetSmart stores. Owners can choose from an assortment of packages for the health and pampering of their pets, from simple nail and ear care to “spa essentials” with optional add-on services.

• PetsHotel Pet Boarding
Pet owners looking for professional day or overnight care for their cats and dogs can take them to a PetSmart PetsHotel location. Unlike standard pet boarding, PetsHotel offers personal, attentive care for pets, as well as playful interaction for dogs who need to burn off excess energy. Cats are treated to individual “kitty condos”. Dogs can stay in a well-ventilated atrium room or a doggy suite, both complete with scheduled mealtimes and walks throughout the day.

• Doggie Day Camp
For the days when owners can’t be as attentive to their dogs as they would like, PetSmart offers Doggie Day Camp. Open seven days a week, Doggie Day Camp is an interactive, high-energy day of play for dogs of all energy levels. PetSmart employs strict health and vaccination policies for this service, as well as not allowing unneutered males or “bully”-type dogs into the program. The idea is to offer a safe, happy environment and a fun alternative to standard boarding.

• Training
Training for dogs from the puppy stage to the advanced stage is available from accredited instructors at PetSmart. In classes running from six to eight weeks, dogs and their owners learn how to interact in a positive manner, using a reward-based system to teach dogs proper behavior. Owners also have the option of private training classes for a one-on-one experience. All PetSmart training services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning pet owners can take a class over again for free if they are not fully satisfied with the results.

• Vet Services
Over 750 PetSmart locations offer services from the Banfield Pet Hostpital, known in stores as Banfield VETSMART. Banfield offers wellness plans and insurance plans for pets, helping to save owners up to 50% on essential vet services over the lifetime of their pets.

Special Policies & Savings

All PetSmart stores, as well as, offer a price match guarantee on products. PetSmart will match the competitor price of any in-stock, identical item. Customers who are unsatisfied with a purchase either in-store or online may return the product to any PetSmart location, or by mail under PetSmart’s no-hassle return policy.

Another special policy at all PetSmart locations is the ability for dog owners to bring their pets in the store with them while they shop. This way, dogs can meet other dogs, interact with pet-loving staff members, receive grooming services, and more.

PetPerks Program

PetSmart’s PetPerks program is a free program that customers may choose to sign up for. Once signed up, the customer is issued a PetPerks card and will receive:
• A PetPerks welcome kit with up to $250 worth of PetSmart coupons
• Member-only discounts in stores and online at
• Advance notice of in-store specials via e-mail

Customers wishing to participate in the program may sign up at a PetSmart store or the PetSmart website. Those who register their PetPerks account online receive these additional benefits:
• Exclusive e-mail discount offers
• Access to private sales in stores and online
• Access to special, pet-related articles
• Online account management
• Special offers from PetPerks partners

PetSmart Coupons Online

Printable coupons and coupon codes for use at PetSmart may be found by searching these websites:
Many of these sites allow users to rate coupons and codes, letting others know the success rate for a particular discount offer. Sites like RetailMeNot and Coupon Mountain allow coupon users to click “yes” or “no” in regards to whether a code worked for them. Users may also comment on coupons to share information on reliability, personal experience with retailers, and more. Expiration dates for coupons and codes are listed on all sites.

Those looking to save time and money when shopping for pet products have numerous options at PetSmart. Both in stores and online, PetSmart offers many services, member discounts, and monthly sales, making shopping for pets that much cheaper.

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  1. Keller says:

    I tried the training program with my puppy. Here is what I will say, the trainer was awesome. Very knowledgeable and eager to train; she loved dogs. That being said, our tiny little 4 month old 3 lb pomeranian was in a class with a 60 lb year and a half old pitbull. I thought that it was odd for them to pair these two dogs in the same class. Other than that, great service, both myself and my dog gained from it!

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