Red Lobster Coupons

The first Red Lobster opened in Lakeland, Florida in 1968. The restaurant was founded by Bill Darden. Red Lobster enjoyed growth throughout the Southeast in the mid seventies and today there are over 600 locations throughout the United States. Red Lobster restaurants are usually located in medium to large cities, but they can also be found small towns where liquor by the drink if legal and where restaurants may be located in close proximity to interstates.

The Red Lobster Menu

Over the years the Red Lobster menu has been consistent, with offerings such as fried shrimp, crab legs, and of course lobster. The menu features fresh fish, vegetables, baked potatoes, and salads. Calamari, crab cakes, coconut shrimp and shrimp scampi are also popular choices. Beverages include soft drinks, beer, wine and mixed drinks. Red Lobster offers various specials and combinations at discount prices. Often these can be purchased with or without a coupon. The restaurant currently offers seafood prepared on a wood-fired grill and other special selections. Red Lobster offers a great selection of desserts, with the key lime pie being a favorite of many. Cheddar bay biscuits are buttery and garlicky with a unique flavor that makes it hard to eat just one. Menus may vary with the location and some seafood items are seasonal.

Who dines at Red Lobster

Red Lobster could be classified as an upscale casual dining establishment. The interior is cozy and designed with a nautical theme. Visit a Red Lobster and you will find a diverse group of diners. It is not unusual to see large groups celebrating special occasions like birthdays and retirements. Couples on dates choose the restaurant for intimate dinners. Families with children are welcome as Red Lobster features a children’s menu. Senior citizens can receive discounts. Red Lobster is a great place to meet for a business or casual lunch. Usually the wait time at Red Lobster is reasonable. Reservations are not required.

Red Lobster gift cards

Red Lobster offers gifts cards in various amounts starting at ten dollars. Gift cards may be purchased online and do not have an expiration date or fees associated with not using the card immediately.

Red Lobster discounts and coupons

Those interested in special offers can join the Red Lobster club for seafood lovers. Club members get notices for special events and are also eligible for a birthday surprise and other special offers. It is convenient to sign up for the Red Lobster club on the company’s website.

Where to find Red Lobster coupons

Discounts and coupons for use at Red Lobster may be found in a variety of places. If you receive a Sunday newspaper, try the coupon section there. Many Sunday papers include bundles of coupons from various restaurants and other businesses. Red Lobster coupons are often included in the bundles.

Check the mail. People often overlook the coupon bundles that come in their mailboxes. There may be Red Lobster coupons included among these. Such coupons may be missed because people see only see a mass of paper that they associate with junk mail. Be careful to sort through the mailings and you might find some very good discounts on Red Lobster meals, especially when a new dish is introduced to the menu.

Direct mail coupons may also be delivered from Red Lobster to your mailbox. If you have eaten at Red Lobster or signed up for special offers online, you might receive Red Lobster coupons through direct mail. These coupons are usually printed on a tear off card and are commonly issued in an amount of $5.00 off the cost of a dinner meal.

Coupon websites

The internet puts Red Lobster coupons at your fingertips. Since there are various sites that offer these and some sites link back to others, the best way to obtain these coupons is to do a web search by typing “Red Lobster coupons” into the search window. You will bring up a variety of sites that you can check for coupons. However make sure the sites that you click on are legitimate before entering personal information. Most of these sites will require you to set up log in information and share some personal data about yourself before you can access coupons.

Places that offer free Red Lobster gift cards

Marketing companies often advertise free Red Lobster gift cards. Usually these cards are in the amounts of $25 or $50. To earn these cards, interested persons must provide some personal and contact data and agree to receive information or offers for magazines, online colleges, schools and other products or services. Generally, it takes some time to navigate through all of the offers.

Find Red Lobster coupons at resort sites

Resorts, hotels and other tourism related sites often carry racks of hundreds of restaurant coupons. Check carefully, because it is not unusual to discover Red Lobster discount coupons among these. Vacation clubs or companies that sell timeshares will often give a Red Lobster coupon for $100 for listening to a timeshare sales presentation or going on a tour of a timeshare community. Even if you are not interested in signing up for timeshare offers, the Red Lobster coupon would be worth the hour or so you spend to earn it.

Red Lobster lunch specials

A great way to get deep discounts on meals at Red Lobster restaurants is to take advantage of the lunch specials offered by the restaurant. Most restaurants discount lunch meals by $2.00 to $5.00. In many cases you get meals comparable to those served at dinner at great savings. It might be worth it to eat a late lunch which will actually be an early dinner to take advantage of lunch specials. Visiting restaurant at lunch is an excellent way to try out some new menu items without paying full price.

Pay attention to the expiration date

Nothing is more embarrassing than taking a discount coupon to a restaurant or other business only to learn that the coupon has expired. Some coupons may not have expiration dates, while others will run for about a month. By paying attention to expiration dates, you can get the most out of your Red Lobster coupons. It is pretty easy to find Red Lobster coupons and you really don’t need to look too hard. Just paying a little more attention to your mail or to online offers might result in your getting a delicious dinner or lunch at a discount.

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