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The first Regal Cinema was opened in 1989 in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. The original CEO of Regal Cinemas was a man by the name of Leon Sanders. Mr. Saunders was experienced in operating theaters, as he had previously ran a group of cinemas, called Soundview Cinemas, in the state of New York. Leon Saunders intended Regal Cinemas to offer a more stylish and sophisticated atmosphere than most other cinemas, which truly helped to set Regal apart.

With Mr. Saunder’s direction, Regal Cinemas significantly and quickly expanded into the largest group of cinemas in the United States. While Mr. Saunders is no longer CEO of the corporation, which is now run by a board of directors, Regal Cinemas still offer guests a comfortable and stylish atmosphere in which to enjoy the latest feature films.

Currently, the Regal Entertainment Group is the largest American theater corporation, currently owning approximately 546 movie theaters across the United States. In the last year alone, over 240 million people purchased a ticket and enjoyed a movie at one of these 546 locations. The Regal Cinemas are not only one of the most popular choice of theater, they are also some of the largest. The average Regal Cinema includes at least twelve screens, while the average number of screens in a theater is usually around six. This allows for more movie showings, a more diverse choice of movies, and the capabilities to entertain more guests.

The Regal Crown Club

Regal Cinemas offer frequent movie goers many opportunities to save money, earn rewards, and more thoroughly enjoy their entertainment experience. One of the best ways for movie goers to save money is by joining the Regal Crown Club.

The Regal Crown Club allows new members to join by simply applying for the Crown Club Card on their official website. New members must supply their name, address, and other personal information in order to receive this card. Once a new member has applied, he or she will then receive the Crown Club Card in the mail.

To use this card, members simply carry their card with them when purchasing movie tickets and concession items. For each dollar spent, the card holder will have one earned one credit towards their account. When they have accrued at enough points, they will begin to earn coupons for free movie tickets and free concession items, including popcorn, soft drinks, and candy.

Also, additional points may be earned when purchasing certain items at the concession stand and when making other special purchases. For every 50 points that a card holder earns, he or she will then receive an award coupon.

In addition to receiving awards, card holders will also receive other money-saving benefits, as well as chances to win sweepstakes and contests just for using their card. Card holders may enjoy $1.00 candy purchases on Mondays and $1.00 popcorn purchases on Tuesdays. This Regal Crown Club is free to join and can save members quite a bit of money on tickets and concession items.

Super Saver Tickets

It is possible for frequent movie goers to save money by purchasing Super Saver Tickets. There are three varieties of Super Saver Tickets, the Premiere Super Saver Ticket, the VIP SuperSaver Ticket, and the Ultimate Premiere Pack. This tickets may be purchased on the Regal Cinema official website and will never expire.

The Premiere Super Saver Ticket is available for $7.50 per ticket, yet must be purchased in increments of fifty. However, for the frequent movie goer, or for a family of movie lovers, this can amount to a great deal of savings, as tickets are usually priced quite a bit higher than $7.50.

VIP SuperSaver Tickets are priced at $6.50 per ticket. These tickets also must be purchased in increments of fifty, and cannot be redeemed within twelve days of a film’s release.

The Ultimate Premiere Pack is available for $27.00 and includes two Premiere Super Savers tickets, along with a $10.00 gift certificate. This gift certificate can be used to purchase either concessions or an additional ticket, depending on the guest’s preferences. The Ultimate Premiere Pack is a great deal, as movie ticket prices are often higher than $8.50.

Regal Cinemas Coupons For AAA Members

AAA members are able to purchase discount tickets for movies showing at Regal Cinemas.
These tickets must be purchased in increments of five and are priced at $39.00 per pack. However, AAA members will need to check for theaters in their area, as well as any limitations. For example, some of these discounted tickets will not be redeemable when attending a new release. Therefore, it is important to understand the terms of the ticket, before purchasing tickets through AAA at a discounted rate.

Regal Cinemas Coupons For Sam’s Club Members

Sam’s Club members can frequently purchase Regal Cinema movie tickets for discounted prices. To purchase these tickets, Sam’s Club members will need to visit the Sam’s Club website to see if tickets are available for purchase. While tickets are not always available, they can save member’s a few dollars on tickets and are worth the effort of occasionally checking the website.

Regal Cinemas Coupons For GEICO Customers

GEICO customers are also eligible to purchase movie tickets at discounted prices. These tickets are generally priced at $6.50 and must be purchased in advance. To purchase these tickets, GEICO members may visit to place an order.

Discount Regal Cinema Tickets At Costco

Movie tickets may also be purchased at Costco. These tickets generally retail for $7.50 and may be found either online or in-store. These discount movie tickets are not always available, and may also include limitations, including when these tickets may be redeemed.

2010 Entertainment Book: Regal Cinema Coupons

The 2010 Entertainment Coupon Book includes coupons that allow customers to purchase Regal Cinema movie tickets for only $6.00. This book usually retails anywhere from $35.00 to $50.00, but is available for free when customers pre-order their 2011 Entertainment Coupon Book. The 2010 Entertainment Coupon Book may be purchased at

In addition to $6.00 movie tickets, book holders may also purchase a variety of other movie tickets for discounted prices. This coupon book is customized depending on a customer’s region and is a great way to save money on movie tickets and other services.

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