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Romano’s Macaroni Grill is a franchised chain of Italian/Mediterranean cuisine restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is a mid-priced restaurant serving Italian and Mediterranean dishes, beginning with the company’s trademark bread and olive oil dipping sauce, created as patrons watch.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill was founded by restauranteur and entrepreneur Philip J. Romano as a single restaurant in April 1988. This original restaurant was located in Leon Springs, TX. By November 1989 the franchise rights were purchased by Brinker International, based in Dallas, TX. This diversified company also has had such holdings as Chili’s, Steak & Ale,Maggiano’s Little Italy, Grady’s American Grill, and Jack-in-the-Box.

In 1998 Brinker decided to modify the image and broaden the clientele of Romano’s. Keeping many of the traditions the same, they set about changing the menu to reflect less expensive yet still high quality menu selections.

By August 2007 Brinker International had opened 230 franchised stores and was looking for a buyer for the lucrative franchise. In December 2008 they found a buyer for a majority stake in the company. A division of Golden Gate Capital purchased this stake in the franchise, making it the first of many Brinker holdings to be sold.

Since this change in ownership many things have started to change in the way Romano’s does business. Menu changes and the development of boxed dinner kits are just a couple of the changes that are bringing Romano’s into a larger, more diversified market.


With the most recent change in ownership changes have once again come to the menu. However, founded on the concept of the communal nature of a true Italian dining experience, certain traditions from the founding of the chain have not changed. When patrons enter any Romano’s Macaroni Grill there are certain things they will encounter, without fail.

First, they will be greeted by the sights and scents of fresh gladiolas. Why gladiolas? They reflect the joy and vibrancy found in the fresh flowers found in and around the Italian Mediterranean region. The capture the spirit of the region and greet patrons warmly. In addition, the sight of chefs preparing food behind the glass walls surrounding the kitchen and the lights strung around the walls give patrons the feeling of cozy, family dining.

After being shown to their table, which is covered with a paper tablecloth complete with crayons for drawing and artwork, patrons are served warm peasant bread and extra virgin olive oil dipping sauce, made fresh at the table. In addition, upon request, this warm bread can be paired with a bowl of Mediterranean olives, the perfect compliment for the bread. Finally, one tradition that will never change is the house wine Honor System. Where allowed by local laws and statutes, all house wines are served on the honor system meaning the bottle is left on the table and at the end of the meal the patrons tell their server how many glasses they had. The idea is wine is best when shared.

Above all, the mission of Romano’s Macaroni Grill is and always will be the same. Their goal is to serve Italian Mediterranean food that is fresh, simple, and authentic in preparation and ingredients in an authentic Italian Mediterranean setting.


As mentioned before, certain things have changed with the change in ownership. One of the most notable changes has been a revamping of the menu, going much more Mediterranean in flavor. This is most evident in the new lunch menu.

This new menu features 13 new selections which are quite a bit lighter and quicker to prepare and serve than the original menu items. New classics include:
Authentic soups such as Pasta e Fagioli and Amalfi Chicken
Fresh, hand-made sandwiches including Prosciutto on toasted focaccia bread or grilled chicken sandwiches
Grilled Rosemary Spiedini served with a variety of grilled offerings such as chicken or shrimp with roasted vegetables
Seared Sea Scallops and Spinach Salad
Fresh greens with homemade dressings

Not only are the menu selections lighter and quicker they are also much more affordable, beginning at $6.99.

This transformation of the menu is in direct response to feedback from patrons that the old offerings were time consuming, too expensive, and heavy. The new menu addresses all 3 of these areas nicely.

Moving into Our Homes

In the last few years Romano’s Macaroni Grill has started branching out with a couple of alternatives to dining in their restaurants. First, they have developed a line of boxed dinner kits that boast the same commitment to fresh and simple that is seen in their restaurants. These kits include everything you need to prepare the signature dishes from Romano’s in your own kitchen. The only thing you have to do is add the meat, whatever kind you choose. Choices for the dinner kits include such staple menu items as Garlic & Herb Chicken Penne and Chicken Alfredo with Linguine.

If you are looking to feed a lot of people, through an event or party, Romano’s offers another alternative to bring the beauty of Italian Mediterranean food to your guests, catering. Romano’s offers a full catering menu and options. You can choose from full service, which includes delivery, setup, serving, and clean up, starting at $13.99 a person with a minimum of 30 guests, or family style, which includes delivery and setup. Family style prices are dependent on your choice of dish.

Deals and Affordability

Romano’s is a mid-priced restaurant which makes it cost prohibitive for some patrons. However, there are several ways that individuals who want to have the Romano’s dining experience can maximize their dollar.
Sign up for Romano’s Macaroni Grill email Club – Go to the restaurant’s website and sign up using the prompt in the bottom left corner of the homepage. This will give you a $5 Romano’s Macaroni Grill coupon for 2 entrees. In addition, you will have access to the menu and be eligible to receive special deals and offers on an ongoing basis, right in your inbox.
Search the internet through a search engine – There are many companies and sites that will give you printable coupons, just make sure they are a reputable site and that the coupons are legitimate. Additionally, many online coupons are for specific restaurants or regions and have early expiration dates. Check all of this with your server before ordering.
If you keep an eye out many times Romano’s will give an extra $5 or $10 gift card when you purchase a gift card of a certain amount at the restaurant.
Check local newspapers, especially on Sundays, for coupons for either a dining experience in the restaurant or discounts on Romano’s frozen entrees which are on many supermarket shelves.
One of the easiest ways to get a deal at Romano’s is to watch for special deals and promotions from the restaurant itself. Special discounted entrees or deals are often part of the menu at Romano’s.

The key to finding Romano’s Macaroni Grill coupons and deals is to always be on the lookout for deals, whether it is through commercials, newspapers, or the internet. They are out there.

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  1. sabine says:

    We used to come to the restaurant weekly if not more (Tustin on Jamboree) until all of the sudden the Tuscany ribeye was gone. There was nothing like it for my husband and me and we only come back once in a blue moon because out of the’ out of the country’ guests who want to come back to visit,and miss the ribeye also!!!!!
    We absolutely love the atmosphere, love everything about the place…but we have NOT found a dish that we cannot live without ,as you can imagine, we are very disappointed and yes, sad.

  2. rick benson says:

    I would like to join your email birthday and anniversary club birthday Apr 24, 1934 Anniversary Sept. 20, 1957

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