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Schick, the leader in hair-removal technology, has a rich and exciting history of innovation in the field of razors and blades. Schick has pioneered most of the advances we think of in razor technology for the last 100 years, including the disposable blade, electric razor, and disposable razor. Today, Schick makes some of the most popular and effective razors on the market, and offers many coupons and online incentives for purchase of their products.

A Brief Company History

Schick began in the early 1900s with the efforts of Jacob Schick, a United States Army Lieutenant Colonel who traveled to Alaska during the gold rush days. Trapped in a remote camp for weeks with an ankle injury, he realized that he would not be able to use standard straight razors as they required water and lather, and he began designing a waterless shaver that could be used in any weather, without benefit of any creams or soaps. He created a unique and workable design, but at the time did not generate much public interest. At that period in history, straight razors were considered the standard and people saw little reason to change.
By 1921, Schick had invented what he called a “repeating razor,” one that contained replacement blades in the handle, similar to the “injectible” razor design popularized in later years. These razors were designed for convenience when traveling, but soon became popular among men for their ease of use and relative cost when compared with expensive straight razors. At this time, Schick’s dry razor also began to receive attention from the public, and soon Schick was manufacturing razors created to his original designs.
Soon after, Schick devoted his research and inventive skills to creating an electric razor. While Schick perfected the original design of the electric razor, he did not pursue production, and other companies picked up on this innovation.
The addition of Teflon-coated blades and women’s shaving gear continued the company’s expansion throughout the 20th century. Schick has always been on the “cutting edge” of razor technology.

Some of Schick’s most popular products

One of Schick’s most innovate products is the Intuition® line. These razors require no soap, gel, or foam; just add water and the razor’s imbedded moisturizing strip does the rest–much as Schick visualized in the early 1900s. Perfect for sensitive areas, Intuition® smooths and soothes your skin as you shave.
The Quattro® line for men utilizes titanium blades for the thinnest edge possible, providing the closest shave you can get from a disposable razor. These razors offer four aligned blades which pull the hair up and cut it off as close to the skin as possible, providing you with the closest shave you can get. Quattro for Women® provides the same close shave as the men’s version, but has a soothing emollient strip to condition your skin as you shave, avoiding razor burn.
Xtreme3 ® uses three blades to shave closely and comfortably. This popular razor is not as skin-hugging as the other models, but still provides a close and comfortable shave. The women’s version offers a moisturizing strip to smooth and soften skin.
With a hydrating gel reservoir that hydrates your skin as you shave, the Hydro® is a breakthrough in shaving technology that protects your skin to the ultimate degree. In models containing from three to five blades, the Hydro is the newest addition to the Schick line to give you a close shave with the latest skin-saving technology.

Schick is best known for its innovations in the field of razor technology

1921—Schick introduced the Magazine Repeating Razor, a disposable-blade razor which stored extra blades in the handle. This travel-friendly razor revolutionized shaving for men, whether in remote locations or in their own bathrooms.
1927–Schick worked on designs for an electrically-powered razor that ultimately became the standard for the industry. Because the design could not hinge on the “scraping” normally employed by straight razors, Schick had to visualize a completely different method of shaving. The new electric razor worked more like a pair of scissors.
1963—Schick became the first razor company to coat blades with Teflon for less friction and a better shave. Teflon provided a much more accurate and easily-controlled razor, while still delivering the razor-sharp cutting surface that Schick was famous for. The Teflon coating also aided in reducing skin irritation.
1970—the first “bonded blade,” or a blade contained in a plastic housing, was introduced by Wilkinson Sword Company and used by Schick. The plastic housing would forever change the face of the razor industry by creating relatively cheap, “disposable” razors which could be discarded after a few uses. Up until this time, even razors with disposable blades represented an investment in a tool which would have to be maintained. Now, consumers could purchase multi-packs of razors and discard them when the blade became dull.

Current Schick promotions

“Win a 25th hour”—In this promotion, contestants must write a 150-word essay describing what they would do with an extra hour in the day; there are no requirements for subject, and the more creative the better. If a winner’s essay is chosen, he or she can win prizes including up to $5000 toward his or her dream occupation, hobby, or “extra hour” activity.
Quattro for Women® sponsors an interactive app that allows women to take a quiz on their “trim style” and makes recommendations for razors based on their results. While no prizes are associated with the app itself, it is a useful and fun tool to help women choose which razors work best for them.
Along with the app, the “trim style” results can be entered into the LG Fashion Week ® Contest in which contestants can win front-row seats at the LG Fashion Week® show in Paris, plus a $5000 shopping spree.

Schick coupons are available at several locations online

  • offers several coupons for all types of Schick products, including Quattro® and Intuition®. Coupons are downloadable and printable.

  • offers two dollars off any single Schick razors with a printable coupon.

  • offers printable coupons for a variety of Schick products, including all lines of Schick razors and blades.

  • gives information about a possible $20 rebate for the new Hydro® razor. There are also discounts on multiple purchases such as “buy one, get one” offers.

    Other Places To Find Offers

    There are also frequent rebate offers in newspapers and various online sources, some of them offering “point of sale” rebates as well as mail-in rebates; it is sometimes possible to get more than your original purchase price back on purchases of Schick products. These deals can be found by monitoring weekly sales at local stores such as Walgreens, Target, and CVS.
    Several stores offer offline discounts on Schick products in local papers. Target and Walgreen’s both currently have clip-out coupons on the Hydro®. Local newspapers will carry coupon pages which can be used for purchases of Schick products. These coupons change daily.

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