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Scotts is a company name that comes to mind when it comes to taking care of your garden and lawn, and for good reason. They are the world’s largest distributor and creator of horticulture products. While it specializes in home gardens and lawns, it also holds over 10% of the commercial market for lawn services. While there are great quality products with this company, it can be even better with discounted prices. Here there will be insight given as to where to find coupons and deals online for Scott products; but first, some information about the company itself.

Company history

The Scotts Company began in 1868 by a discharged United States Army private named Orlando McLean Scott in Marysville, Ohio. His interest in horticulture derived from his extreme hate of weeds and he started by separating the weed seeds from the grass seeds and distributing those to people. As timely as a process this was for him, he had a 99% guarantee with when using his seeds, grass would grow weed free. At this time, Scotts was only distributing seeds to the US Agriculture industry.

Scott’s sons joined the company in the early 20th century and helped build the legacy their father had created. In 1900, they expanded the company for homeowners so that they can also receive products for their own lawns and gardens. With this new segment added to the company, the business began to flourish rapidly. His son Dwight was responsible for their improving their business by doing mail orders for seed in 1906, which helped expand the market as well.

By 1928 the Scotts discovered a fertilizer that was created strictly for lawns, thus the invention of turf builder. Within this same year the Scotts Company began a promotional catalog titled “Lawn Care” which was distributed regularly. There were many big breakthroughs following these, but one that probably made the biggest difference was when the Scotts Company merged with Miracle Gro in 1995. With these two together, they became the leading company in the horticulture business.

What they are well known for

Scotts is a company that specializes in lawn and garden care. They offer products and advice in horticulture. If one were to visit their website at, it becomes clear that there is hardly any question about lawn and gardens they cannot answer. They answer questions about things such as weed control, birds and wildlife that will affect plants, and even growing vegetables. While they offer great advice for planting a garden, they gained their overall popularity from their innovative lawn and gardening products.

Popular Merchandise

While Scotts is a reliable company when it comes to lawn care basics, they also have a knack for innovation. Some of their most popular items are to make lawn and garden care more simplistic and enjoyable. Listed below are a few of those items.

• Scotts Deluxe Edge Guard Broadcast Spreader

This is a great tool for those trying to achieve that perfect lawn. This tool makes it very possible to evenly and easily distribute fertilizer on grass. It is pushed like a lawn mower with ease, and lets a person adjust and see how much fertilizer is being distributed.

• Roundup Ready-to-Use Pump ‘N Go

This is a great product used to kill weeds. There is a pump on it which can lead up to a continuous spray that can go as long as 5 minutes without having to re-pump. This makes getting rid of weeds a breeze, and has become a very popular product in the United States.

• Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

This product makes watering plants easy. It already has plant food in the soil which helps plants grow more successfully. It is also equipped with an agent that absorbs excess water and gives it to the plant when it needs it. No more over watering your precious plants.

• Miracle gro liquafeed advance ready-to-use plant feeding

Out of all their popular products, this one has proved to be the most successful out of them all. It is a nozzle attachment that goes on your watering hose. What it does is evenly distribute plant food while you are watering your garden. It even has different sprayers as well as a locking trigger so you can water without having to pull the trigger the entire time.

• Scotts Nature Scapes mulch

This is a special item because it is the first branded colored mulch. Mulch is a great product since it helps prevent weeds, helps with water absorption, and has a nice appearance on a garden. What makes Scotts so special is that their coloring lasts a year before it must be replaced.

How to find coupons?

There are many sites that one can find coupons for Scotts’ products. One just has to know where to go to find them. Here I list a few great places to go to get discounted merchandise from Scotts online and in stores.

This is a site where many go to get the best product for the very least amount of money they can get. There is a section for coupons, price comparisons, and a forum section for people to share codes, coupons, and the best places to get marked down merchandise. To get to this site go here:

This site is very similar to the one I mentioned above since it has a forum and coupon section. What is different about this site is that they incorporate daily deals as well as a number of online tools one can use to get discounts; such as Amazon fillers to get free shipping on Amazon or Slick Deals Live which lets you chat with others finding discounts on specific items. To go to this site go here:

This is a great place to go if you are interested in discounts as well as gardening and lawn advice. This site goes through the official Scotts website. All you have to do is sign up and you will receive emails about weekly and seasonal prizes as well as exclusive coupons. To sign up for this newsletter go to:

This is another forum site which is the mother of all forum coupon websites, since it filters deals from sites such as and fat The best part about this site is that they will pay you to post information you may have about good deals. So not only can you look on to find a great bargain, you can share the ones you know for compensation. It just doesn’t get any better than that. To get to this site go to:


This is a cool site because their layout is very organized and they make online shopping with coupons very easy. They have pictures of specific Scotts brand items followed by their prices, where to go to find the item, and a link to coupons for each item. Some items do not have a link to a coupon; however these items are very few. To get to this site go here:

As I stated earlier, Scotts brand has great products, and with websites like the ones stated above, the merchandise seems that much better. If you are looking for deals on the Scotts brand website, be sure to go to and go to the section labeled “promotions” for the current deals or sales they may have on their products. Have a great time gardening and when it comes to lawn products and advice, you know where to come looking first.

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