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The oceans of our world cover more than two thirds of the earth’s surface. Beneath those waters, a strange and exotic community of living creatures is thriving. Unfortunately, that world is impassable for most people. The creatures of the deep will most likely remain a mystery to anyone without a degree in Marine Biology. That is, of course, unless you pay a visit to Sea World.

Sea World: An Amusement Park and Animal Reserve

Sea World is thoroughly unique in its premise. It combines the thrilling excitement of an amusement park, complete with roller coaster attractions, restaurants and arcade games, with the educational opportunity that only an animal reserve provides. Sea World boasts three locations in the United States: Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; and San Diego, California. Each of these locations hosts a wide variety of marine life within its gates. At each Sea World, visitors will experience close and personal encounters with dolphins, walruses, sea lions, belugas and the impressively enormous orcas, known also as killer whales. Sea World employs knowledgeable associates who are eager to share the wonders of the undersea world with visitors. In fact, Sea World’s innovations in research, conservation, and education have earned it an accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Its attractions, aesthetic appeal, and rare variety of wildlife make it a necessary vacation spot for every family.

Sea World: The Beginning

Four graduates of UCLA dreamed of opening an underwater restaurant in San Diego, California. The four friends hoped to provide guests with a marine life show to accompany a meal. The concept quickly proved to be unfeasible, but a new idea was formed in its place. George Millay, Ken Norris, Milton Shedd, and David Demott opened the first Sea World park in San Diego on March 21, 1964. The park featured only a handful of small marine mammals but quickly became a success in only its first season of operation.

Sea World: Additional Parks

Shortly after the San Diego park opened and gained worldwide attention and appeal, the founders determined to open an additional park that would serve the Northeast population of the United States. After deliberating about a location, a suitable spot was found in Aurora, Ohio. While initially successful, this park would eventually close because of the harsh Northern climate. In 1973, Sea World opened another park in what was quickly becoming one of the hottest theme park locations in the world: Orlando, Florida. A decade later, the company that had purchased SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment decided to expand once again, this time to San Antonio, Texas. The Orlando and San Antonio locations have achieved the same level of success as the San Diego park.

Sea World: The Orcas

Sea World is famous for its captive killer whales and uses the orca in its logo. Keeping a captive orca healthy and happy is an enormous endeavor, and Sea World is one of the only amusement parks to achieve this. The first killer whale to call Sea World home was Shamu, an orca transported from a research aquarium in Seattle, Washington. The Sea World parks combined now house a total of twenty killer whales. Although each whale is unique in personality and name, the whales are given the stage name “Shamu” when they are performing. Shamu isn’t confined only to the water, however. He can sometimes be seen at an altitude of ten thousand feet. Southwest Airlines has three planes in its fleet that are painted to look like this famous oceanic performer. The Sea World killer whales remain the park’s biggest draw for tourists.

Sea World’s Wildlife Conservation Discount

Sea World is a family-oriented establishment and often features various promotions that strive to make a Sea World visit more affordable. The park’s ultimate mission is to provide information to people worldwide about the necessity of conservation and preservation of our world’s naturally occuring living wonders. Currently, Sea World is offering children’s tickets for only five dollars when a full-priced adult admission ticket is purchased in advance. Additionally, Sea World will donate all of the proceeds of this deal to the Wildlife Conservation charity of the buyer’s choice.

Additional Sea World Discounts

Sea World is currently offering two free nights of lodging with the purchase of a three night stay in one of their partner hotels. With the purchase of a three day and three night stay along with park admission fees, customers can receive two additional days of unlimited park access and two free nights’ lodging. Purchasing this package for a family of four will provide lodging for an average of only $35 dollars a night. Customers also have the option of adding admission to Busch Gardens for a competitive price.

Sea World’s “Buy One Park, Get One Free” promotion is another great choice for visiting families. With the purchase of a regularly priced Sea World Orlando admission ticket, customers will receive a complimentary ticket to the park of their choice: either Busch Gardens or Aquatica.

For a limited time, Sea World Orlando’s “Fun Card” is on sale for less than the price of a single adult admission ticket for Florida and Georgia residents. The “Fun Card” is Sea World’s season pass. One card will gain the purchaser unlimited admission for the entire season. This incredible value is perfect for the frequent Sea World Orlando visitor. Residents of Florida and Georgia will also receive a second day’s admission free when a regularly priced adult admission ticket is purchased.

In San Diego, all visitors can purchase a summer pass for only $59, less than the price of a single admission ticket. The summer pass is valid for admission all season long and is available for purchase all year. The San Antonio Sea World is offering a similar summer pass option on its website for all visitors. In San Antonio, customers can also purchase a pack of four single-day admission tickets for a reduced price when tickets are purchased online and printed off of a home computer.

Discounts Through Sea World’s Partners

Sea World has partnered with many different companies to offer great discounts on admission prices. Many local hotels offer discounted admission packages with the purchase of a multi-night stay. Expedia and Travelocity, online travel websites, offer combination hotel and park vacation packages at competitive prices. Country Inn, Hilton and Marriott are only a few of the hotels providing ticket packages for customers. In Orlando, many surrounding theme parks and attractions offer discounted packages that provide tourists with admission to several different parks. Universal Studios, a theme park near Sea World, lists an option to purchase Universal Studios tickets along with Sea World tickets at a competitive price. Disney World offers a similar promotion.

Online Discounts

There are several websites dedicated to providing coupon codes to customers that can be used when purchasing online admission tickets to all Sea World parks. The packages and discounts are widely varied; each discount has a unique numeric code that is entered on Sea World’s website. Some common sites offering coupon codes are and These coupon codes often cannot be combined with any other offer, but can be an economical solution for families that are not interested in extended stays.

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