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The History of Similac

Similac was created in the late 1920’s as a substitute for breast milk and powdered milk used to feed babies. Widely unpopular at first, the original product, along with many competitors, gained recognition in the 1950’s as a nutritional necessity for babies. To this day, owned by Abbot Global, Similac remains one of the most popular infant formula manufacturers on the market. The company has since added an array of different formulations for babies, including soy, allergen-free, and toddler versions of their nutritional supplements. Recently the company has started adding DHA, a fatty acid found to be helpful for brain development, to most of their products. In addition, a majority of the formulas also contain pre-biotics, which are stated to help with digestion and build stronger immune systems in babies. With these new additions, Abbot promises the formula is closer to breast milk than ever before.

Similac is most known for several positive campaigns, such as Strong Moms, which promotes the hard work that mothers put into their household and family. In addition to providing mothers with literature promoting formula as an easier alternative to breast feeding, the company frequently includes breast feeding tips as well. Additionally, the Abbot Global company portrays working mothers in a positive light. This makes the formula very attractive for moms who cannot or choose not to breast feed their babies. For the most part, the many Similac products are promoted in magazines, television commercials, and internet advertisements.

How to Save Money on Similac

The cost of infant formula can become very expensive. In an average month, an infant will go through 960 ounces of formula, or 32 ounces per day. You can help to keep your cost down by using the powdered formulation of Similac. Ready to feed and concentrated formulations cost more per ounce. If your infant has a sensitivity to milk or soy based supplements, the cost can be even higher. Similac’s special formula for preemies, which contains more calories than their other formulas, will cost more as well.

In addition, signing up for the Strong Moms campaign on Similac’s website, or by sending in an information card available in many parenting magazines, will put you on Similac’s mailing list for coupons. At this time the Similac website boasts $329 in savings by signing up for their Strong Moms program. These coupons will come to you in the form of a check, and they can save you $1.00 to $5.00 per can of formula. This may sound like a small amount, but the savings are very worthwhile. The coupons will be written as checks to you in your name and come in regular intervals through the mail. Each time, the Strong Moms campaign will also send you literature on your infant’s development and information on new products offered from the company.

Additionally, as part of the Strong Moms program, Similac will send you samples periodically. These samples are usually of their regular and soy formulations and are typically in powdered form. This is a great way to see if the powdered version of the products will work for you and your baby. Once your child reaches 12 months, Similac will send you a sample of their toddler formulation too. Each time you receive a sample, you will also receive a couple of checks to save money on buying more of the sample products you received.

Doctors and Hospitals Recommending Similac

Many doctors and hospitals also promote the use of Similac formulas to feed your baby. Most hospitals are equipped with generously sized sample bags of Similac ready for you and your baby to use. These samples usually include a diaper bag, travel cooler, and ready to feed formula in bottles. This is perfect for new moms to have on hand, especially once you have returned home and are unsure of how to mix the formula correctly or too tired to make a bottle. Inside the diaper bag you will have some more coupons, usually for the ready to feed formulation. However, if your baby is not ready for regular formula, such as a preemie, then the hospital will send you home with plenty of the appropriate formulation of Similac in addition to the regular sample bag. If this sample bag is not brought to you automatically, it would be helpful for you to inquire about it. Usually the best person to ask about the bag would be the pediatric nurse that is responsible for your baby’s care.

Also, taking your baby for regular checkups with your pediatrician can also provide you with some more samples and coupons. Your doctor may give you with a sample automatically, or you may ask if they have any available. During your visit, the doctor will discuss with you how your baby is reacting to the Similac that you are using to feed your baby. If the baby is doing well on the formula you are feeding, you can see if the doctor has any of that version of Similac as a sample. However, if your infant has a lot of spit up or gas, signs that your baby is not responding well to a formula, it would be helpful for you to talk about it with your doctor. Many times your doctor can provide you with a sample of a special version of Similac to try, such as Alimentum. Your doctor will monitor the results of the new formula. If it does not seem to be helping your infant, the pediatrician can provide you with other types of Similac to try until you both are satisfied with one.

Looking for Sales

Checking your local sales advertisements can also help you to save money on Similac. The products often go on sale at grocery stores and discount stores every few months. Taking the time to do a price check may be worth it as well. If you have a paper subscription, checking the coupon sections can also help you find more savings for Similac. The company often offers coupons in the paper. Also, visiting several different stores in your area and comparing the prices will help you see how much the formula differs in price for different places. If you can, using your coupons with Similac that is on sale will provide you with the most savings. With a little shopping around and careful planning, you can save a lot on Similac for your baby.

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