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Next time you are thinking of stopping by a Starbucks location for a signature frosty Frappuccino or a creamy cappuccino, consider taking advantage of the many Starbucks coupons and discounts that are available both online and in their retail stores. The information on this page will provide resources for money saving offers for a variety of Starbucks drinks, retail items and more. This information will help coffee lovers to get the best deals out there on the Starbucks products they crave. This page will tell Starbucks aficionados where to find the best discounts and how best to use Starbucks coupons, in Starbucks retail locations, grocery stores and online.

Starbucks Company History

The first Starbucks Coffee retail location opened in Pike’s Place Market in the city of Seattle on March 30th, 1971. From the time that the very first cup of Starbuck’s House Blend was served to their first customer, caffeine craving patrons have been lining up to enjoy the ever-evolving drink menu that Starbucks has become famous for. Pioneers in the idea of creating a “Third Place”, Starbucks’ founders strove to establish a welcoming and relaxing environment, the place people could come to after work, but before home. A place to socialize or, as is increasingly the case, to work, Starbucks has become more than just a coffee shop. Many would argue that Starbucks has surpassed its reputation as a fast food beverage chain and has gone on to create a lifestyle. In some areas it seems that there is a Starbucks on every corner and a signature green emblem stamped white paper cup in every hand. Starbucks retail stores are now found all over the world, with Starbucks brand products showing up on local grocery store shelves and online.

Starbucks is now by far the largest coffee company in the world. As of this writing, The Starbucks Coffee Company has more than 17, 133 retail coffee houses in more than 49 countries. America leads the pack with a whopping 11,068 Starbucks stores. Starbucks claim to fame is specialty roasted premium coffees and specialty hot drinks with an espresso base. In recent years, Starbucks has expanded their menu to include a variety of cold and blended drinks, including the mega-popular blended Frappuccino. Frappuccinos are available in an ever-expanding array of flavors, both coffee based and cream based. The latest evolution is the fully customizable Frappucino, which allows customers to mix and match various drink components to create a one of a kind, personalized blended beverage.

Starbucks also offers a full line of artisan teas, served either hot or iced or as part of a steamed milk latte. In recent years, Starbucks has expanded their menu to include a wide selection of cold sandwiches, salads, snacks, morning and afternoon pastries and at some locations, warm breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. While visiting a Starbucks retail location, customers can stock up on whole or ground coffee beans and boxes of their favorite teas. Their retail locations also offer a selection of seasonal gift and personal items such as mugs, travel cups, coffee accessories, occasional books, toys or games and the Barista Bear, a collectable plush bear that dons seasonal Starbucks gear. Many larger locations also offer a selection of coffee grinding machines, espresso machines and home brewing systems. Starbucks customers can now bring all of the equipment necessary home to re-create the perfect cup of Starbucks coffee. Grocery shoppers can pick up a pound of Starbucks coffee beans in a variety of signature roasts, or indulge in the Starbucks brand ice cream.

The Starbucks brand does not end at great beverages, tasty food and clever gifts, the company also operates the Starbucks Entertainment division and the brand, Hear Music. This offshoot allows Starbucks to promote music, films and books within their retail locations and online through their website. Starbucks tailors each location’s offering by region, tying local promotions into the areas interests.

Popular Starbucks Promotional Deals

  • Free sample of VIA Ready Brew. To celebrate the launch of it’s first foray into instant coffee, Starbucks is currently offering samples of their VIA Ready Brew in all licensed U.S. locations. The samples will typically be made available throughout the day, but customers can always request a sample.
  • Starbucks Card Rewards. After signing up for a Starbucks Card, customers will receive rewards and incentives each time they use the card. A few samples of what customers can expect are: free beverages, free coffee refills, free drip coffee with the purchase of whole or ground Starbucks coffee beans at any retail location.
  • Any Grande cold beverage for $2. Take advantage of the “Treat Receipt” program that is running from June 29th until October 4th. Simply make any Starbucks purchase before 2 p.m. and save your receipt to receive an Grande cold beverage for just $2 when you return after 2 p.m. the same day.
  • Free Starbucks Drip Coffee with Purchase of Beans. Visit any Starbucks Coffee Company location and purchase a one pound bag of whole or ground coffee beans and receive a tall cup of drip brewed coffee.

Starbucks Coupons and Discounts

  • $1 off purchase of a 5-pack of Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee. Starbucks own version of instant coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans sweetened with just a touch of sugar. This special blend is 100% natural and is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in cold water. Simply visit to download and print this coupon.
  • Free Starbucks Grocery Coupon Book with online purchase. Shoppers making a purchase directly from the Starbucks website retail store will receive a book full of coupons good for various Starbucks retail items such as: Starbucks brand ice cream, Starbucks coffee, Starbucks Ready to Drink Frappuccino and the Starbucks Double Shot.
  • Starbucks Retail Clearance. The clearance section of the retail website offers Starbucks merchandise at a discounted price. Check often for discounts on mugs, cups, water bottles, seasonal items and more.
  • Starbucks Circular Coupons. Many local Sunday newspapers carry coupon supplements such as Cool Savings, that offer Starbucks coupons. Check your local newspaper for the latest in Starbucks coupons and discounts.

There are a variety of Starbucks coupons, discounts and promotions available for Starbucks coffee fans. With a little investigative research and the help of the tips listed on this page, Starbucks supporters can score great deals on their favorite Starbucks offerings. Remember to check with the official Starbucks website for all of the latest promotions and discounts. The information on this page with current and the offers were valid at the time of this writing.

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