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• If you live in the United States, then it is pretty hard not to know the company Subway. This submarine sandwich franchise is located in just about every city in the country, not to mention many others. No matter where you, the likelihood of a subway being just around the corner is high, but how and when did such a company get their beginning? In the summer of 1965, this chain of restaurants was only a idea discussed between friends. Frank Deluca and Dr. Peter Buck are the two friends that gave birth to the new idea of opening up a sub shop. Now Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain and has over thirty thousand restaurants in over ninety countries. Needless to say, this company has come quite a long way from that little get together in the summer of 1965.

What You Can Expect From Subway Restaurants

• Today, Subway Restaurants are well known for a number of different reasons. In this busy day and time, it is really hard to eat healthy on the go. For this very reason, Subway is known as one of the most healthy fast food restaurants around. There really isn’t any other fast food place that can compete with them. Subway offers a great selection of all of the healthy foods that America loves, and better yet, you get to design your submarine sandwich to your own specifications. They have at least six different kinds of breads to choose from when designing your own personal sandwich. Italian, wheat, and honey oat are just a small sample of the breads that the store has to offer their customers. They also have an award winning selection of toppings and meats to choose from when creating your meal. Tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, olives, lettuce, several kinds of cheeses, chicken, salami, turkey, ham, and roast beef are all included in the submarine sandwich bar. Note that the previous list was only a small sample of the total selection that the subway bar has to offer. After all of the previous steps have been completed, the customer then gets to choose from condiments, spices, and then is given the option of whether or not they would like their sub to be toasted. As you can probably tell by now, there really isn’t another fast food restaurant out there that can match subway for heartiness or quality. As of lately, subway has began serving pizzas and breakfast as well.

Current Deals at Subway

• One of the most popular deals at this particular restaurant has always been the five dollar foot long. You may have even seen this deal being advertise on television. The contents of this deal include a twelve inch submarine sandwich with all of the toppings that you would like for only five dollars. Now tell me this, where else can you get a healthy, tasty meal with as much food as this for only five dollars? To tell you the truth, there isn’t a place that offers a deal such as this one. There is no catch; however, there is a list of subs that are included in the five dollar foot long deal. Another promotional deal is the addition of the new orchard salad sub to the list of five dollar foot longs.

How to find Coupons or Discounts Online

• If you are like many of the others in the United States and love to eat at Subway, then you will want to get in on some of the special deals and discounts that they are offering. There are two main ways of fining promotional deals, coupons, and discounts online. First of all, obtaining this information online these days is easier than ever because the internet has really come a long way. Now, it really isn’t hard at all to find coupons for all of our favorite restaurants. The first place to look for Subway restaurant coupons on the internet is the actual company’s website. Here you will be able to find all of the newest and most current information on deals and coupons at participating locations. To find even more promotional coupons that could save you some money, be sure to check out the Subway Fresh Buzz website. This site is not that difficult to find. First of all, the first step to fining any of these coupons an deals involves performing a simple search engine search for the keyword “subway coupons.” In about the third or fourth position, you will see the Subway Fresh Buzz website. From there, you will be asked to enter in a little bit of your personal information such as your email address and your phone number. They will also ask you to enter your first and last name, along with your date of birth. Once you have completed this little form, you will then be included into the list of people who receive the latest subway news and offers.

How to Get Subway Coupons and Promotional Discounts Offline

• One of the only ways to get to subway coupons and discounts offline is to purchase a coupon book. These books generally cost around thirty to fifty dollars and include a wide variety of coupons and discounts to a number of different restaurants and stores. Do not be intimidated by the original cost of these books. In the end, you will be saving a lot more money on discounts than you originally spent on the book itself. However, these books are often hard to find. The majority of these coupon books are generated by schools who are trying to raise a few dollars for a specific event. Basically, your kid will probably come home with the book asking you to buy it so they can have a pizza party at school.

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