Sweet Tomatoes Coupons

Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation, the corporate umbrella presiding over Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation, makes it easy to dine at their healthy all-you-can-eat restaurants with their Sweet Tomatoes coupons. The coupons, with their familiar plump red tomato logo, can easily be found through a wide variety of venues.

The History of Sweet Tomatoes

The Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant that we all know and love started out as a Souplantation Restaurant back in 1978 in San Diego, California. They were one of the first to offer a casual dining experience with an emphasis on fresh produce, made-from-scratch soups, and freshly baked breads.

In 1983, with the purchase of two Souplantation Restaurants, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation was created by Michael Mack, the founder. New restaurants built outside of Southern California were named Sweet Tomatoes in an effort to build on the Souplantation brand name. These new restaurants pledged to continue offering high quality, fresh produce, scratch soups, bakery breads, and much more in an effort to build a following of consumers looking for healthy eating options.

Favorite Foods

When speaking to consumers enjoying a healthy meal at Sweet Tomatoes, you will find that everyone has their favorite food. Some will rant and rave over the salad bar with dozens of fresh vegetable options, tossed and prepared salads, and freshly created dressings. The colors, textures, crunch, and flavors of all of these fresh foods in one place makes it hard to stick to one plate, so Sweet Tomatoes doesn’t make you do that. All you can eat means just that, all you can eat. That’s one of the things Sweet Tomatoes is best known for.

Other consumers go for the made-from-scratch soups. Some of the soups you may find on a random day will be Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder made with chunks of fresh potatoes and clams in a thick well seasoned chowder base. There may be a vegan soup chock full of wholesome vegetables in a healthy broth. Sweet Tomatoes is also widely known for their chicken chunk soup with its thick homemade pasta noodles and large chunks of freshly roasted chicken. Whichever day you visit Sweet Tomatoes, the smell of their fresh homemade soups will temp you to grab a red bowl and fill it up with your favorite soup.

If the smell of their soups don’t get to you, the aroma of their freshly baked breads will entice you to go back for seconds. Sweet muffins, wonderfully spiced focaccia breads, seeded whole grain breads, and country style white crusted breads are all offered for your eating enjoyment. Sweet Tomatoes also offers an array of butters to further enhance the bakery experience.

Hand tossed pastas in cheese, herb, and tomato sauces are available if pasta is what you crave. Flavors can vary from day to day.

A bar of fresh fruit choices and delicious frozen yogurt are dessert choices offered to finish off your wholesome meal. Can’t make up your mind which one to choose? You don’t have to. Just grab a bowl and top the yogurt with your favorite fruit. This restaurant doesn’t put any limits on your food choices. You can be as creative as you wish.

While most consumers have a favorite, Sweet Tomatoes makes it difficult to choose just one with the variety and flavors that they offer.

Gift Cards Anyone?

You don’t have to be stumped anymore when purchasing gifts for loved ones. Sweet Tomatoes offers the convenience of gift cards in amounts from $10 to $500. They can be purchased at the register when paying for your meal or online at the Sweet Tomatoes website.

If purchasing online, you can also choose the style of gift card you require and have a handwritten note to accompany your Sweet Tomatoes gift card.

With the variety of fresh foods available, everyone likes eating at Sweet Tomatoes, so gift cards are a great gift giving idea.

Join Club Veg

Make it a point to join Club Veg to get special deals and great offers from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes. You can ask the cashier for the sign up form or just sign up online to join Club Veg and start saving when you dine in.

Joining is easy and fast. Just enter your email address where it says Join Club Veg and that’s all you have to do. Sweet Tomatoes takes care of all the rest. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t miss any special deals, offers, or Sweet Tomatoes coupons coming up in the future as you’ll get automatic updates on when you can save money.

How Do You Get Sweet Tomatoes Coupons?

Sweet Tomatoes takes care of you in this category, too. Check your local newspaper every week for your Sweet Tomatoes coupons. There are also coupons available in local mailers and community newsletters.

If you are already in the restaurant, ask your cashier or server as they often have Sweet Tomatoes coupons available for their customers.

When you join Club Veg, you’ll be emailed coupons on a weekly basis! It’s free to join and you get Sweet Tomatoes coupons mailed directly to you with no waiting or hassle.

Need To Put On A Fundraiser?

Sweet Tomatoes and your non-profit company can join together for a fun day of healthy eating with a FunRaiser. Fifteen percent of the sales collected on your FunRaiser Day goes towards your favorite non-profit company. All you have to do is have people dine on the specified day with their FunRaiser Form in hand and your non-profit will receive funds from Sweet Tomatoes.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. People get to eat a great tasting, good-for-them meal at a place they enjoy dining at. The non-profit company gets a share of the profits from everyone who brings in the form and eats at Sweet Tomatoes.

No renting of space is required, no clean up, no entertainment crew, and no fuss to put on a FunRaiser. All you have to do is get people to eat at Sweet Tomatoes on the date agreed upon by Sweet Tomatoes and you.

Check for more details with the cashier or server in the restaurant or go online and click on FunRaisers.

Kid Friendly

Not only is the Sweet Tomato restaurant extremely kid friendly, but they offer the kids their own section on the website called For Sprouts Only. This section has a large picture of Sweetie, the traveling tomato mascot ready for the kids to cut out and bring with them on vacation or around the neighborhood.

Kids can also follow Sweetie’s adventures and road trips under the Fun Stuff category.

There is a game called Spud-Man that the kids can play with, coloring and activity sheets, and great downloads, too.

Contests, Recipes, and Nutrition Facts

Sweet Tomatoes holds periodic contests for fun stuff like free meals for the family and events you get to attend. Sweetie, the traveling tomato, has road trips where he may ask for input or photos from his Sweet Tomato fans.

He also likes having his picture taken in different places with different people. Cut out Sweetie in the Just For Sprouts section, start snapping pictures of Sweetie traveling, and upload to the website. You never know when your photo could show up.

Recipes to tempt your taste buds are constantly being changed on the Sweet Tomatoes recipe section. Check it out and write a comment on what you thought about it.

Why Sweet Tomatoes?

Why not? Sweet Tomatoes provides healthy, delicious, never ending food selections at an affordable price. They even give out Sweet Tomatoes coupons on a weekly basis to make that affordable price an even better deal. You eat as much or as little as you want, what you want, and when you want.

And you can get it all at the click of a button when you visit their website. Why not, indeed?

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    Dear Sirs.I am comming to your area this week to celebrate a friends remission from cancer.We asked where he’d like to go to celebrate and he chose your resturant Do you have any coupons to help us with the cost?I tried to find some on line but it says check mail flyers or newpapers and I have none available as I’m from Michigan Thank you for a great resturant,Mary Schmidt

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