Texas Roadhouse Coupons

Origin of Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse was introduced in 1993. It all started in Clarksville, Indiana by a man named Kent Taylor. After having complications with his first venture, the Buckhead Mountain Grill, Kent Taylor decided to enlist the help of new partners. With these new partners came a new name, Texas Roadhouse. Kent wanted something different for the customers. He wanted something exciting that would encourage people to have fun while dining. Adding different types of entertainment while people dined soon took hold and was a complete success. This enabled him to expand rapidly by the late 1990’s. Texas Roadhouse soon became one of the most popular steakhouses around with its western theme and awesome food. After only 6 years, they had already opened 67 stores nationwide. Now, there are over 360 locations nationwide.

What Makes Texas Roadhouse So Famous?

Texas Roadhouse offers mouth-watering food in a western atmosphere with exciting entertainment for all ages to enjoy. There is a bar in the middle of every location that will serve you whatever you wish to drink. While adults can enjoy the dancing shows, the kids can be in the Roadhouse Ranger Club with “Andy”, the armadillo. You can definitely get the wrong impression when you first enter the doors. You will think that you are entering a place that needs to be cleaned with all the shells in the floor (customers are permitted to throw the shells in the floor since each table is decorated with a bucket of peanuts just for them), but if you will stick around for a little while you’ll definitely change your mind and have the experience of your life. Not only do you get peanuts on the table, you will also be treated to free dinner rolls and honey cinnamon butter that are remarkable. There are many things on their menu that have made them famous over the years. They have a menu theme of cheese, barbeque, and mushrooms that really sets the taste buds into overdrive. Each item that they bring you will be enough to feed your entire family, since their serving sizes are huge. Here are just a few things that you can find on their menu:

1. Baby Blossom
2. Double Blossom
3. Chicken Critters
4. Rattlesnake Bites
5. Killer Ribs
6. Texas Red Chili
7. Grilled Chicken Salad
8. Road Kill
9. Strawberry Cheesecake
10. Smokehouse Burger

Texas Roadhouse is also famous for the dancing shows while you eat. Most, not all, of the locations will offer shows of in-line dancing to country music. Some of the locations will have bartender competitions, meat-cutting competitions, and in-line dancing competitions. Every location has a free jukebox for the customers.

Marketing played a small role in their popularity too. The advertisements that brought Texas Roadhouse to life were targeted toward blue collared workers and their families by promoting family settings and great food at affordable prices. Their slogan, “Legendary Food, Legendary Service”, makes you feel like you’re going to a place that you will never forget and this is definitely one place that stands up to it’s slogan. It is well worth the trip and the price that you pay for it.

Popular Deals That are Currently Underway

Texas Roadhouse has a variety of deals and promotions to pick from. “Early Dine for $7.99” let’s you pick from 10 meals when you come in early enough. They also have 20 meals that are under $10.00, everyday. “2 Fer deals” allow 2 people to dine for the price of 1 with restrictions. Some locations offer their own specials like Margarita Night, Happy Hour, and Half-Priced Appetizers.

Finding Online Deals

There are many websites online that you can go to find great deals from Texas Roadhouse. They will have coupons and rebates for many of their famous appetizers, drinks and meals. Many of them require you to be a member before giving these promotions and coupons to you. Some sites however, will give you information without being a member. All you have to do is type in Texas Roadhouse coupons in your browser and it will take you to several coupon sites that offer them to the public. You can also go to Texas Roadhouse’s website and see the current deals that they have going on. You can also navigate to locations on their website and find different specials at other locations, which may vary depending on store.

Finding Deals Offline

No need to panic if you don’t have a computer. There are just as many ways to save on your next visit to Texas Roadhouse without navigating on the web. You can start by calling your nearest Texas Roadhouse to find out what their special is that day. Sometimes, you can receive coupons in the mail if you sign up for promotions. You can also check with the city that it is located in to see if they offer travel books, or coupon books, for their area. You can do this by contacting the Chamber of Commerce for the city that you are going to visit. Some cities will offer these books to tourists or residents at reasonable costs to promote their businesses and restaurants in their areas. Also, you may want to check while you’re dining, or after, for promotions that you can use on your next visit.

So, if you haven’t already decided on where to eat this evening, you might want to pack up your family and head to the best steakhouse around. Seems like the majority of people around will tell you that Texas Roadhouse is their favorite place to eat. You have so many items to pick from that there is something for sure to please everyone. Whether you have a family or you want to dine alone, this place is a spot that you can relax and kick up your heels and enjoy the best steak around in an atmosphere that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the good ol’ western days.

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2 Responses to Texas Roadhouse Coupons

  1. lisa baudoin says:

    i went their twice once with my mother.then my mother gave me a gift card for the place.both times i went we enjoyed it.I find that the tables are to close.not enough room.and the staff is slow sometimes

  2. mary walton says:

    i enjoyed every time i visited texas roadhouse. i eat there all the time the ribs fall off the bone .steaks are so tender blossom is delisious. don’t mention the drinks. i give the 5 stars

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