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Tire Kingdom is one of 730 tire retail stores that are a part of the TBC Retail Group, which has its headquarters in Juno Beach, Florida. Tire Kingdom was born in a stall at the West Palm Beach Farmer’s Market in 1972 and built up from there. By the year 1988, there were Tire Kingdoms throughout Florida, and they quickly expanded to include multiple other states. In the year 2000, the TBC Corporation, which is one of the nation’s largest sellers of tires in the world of automotive equipment, bought Tire Kingdom and added it to their already large family of tire distributors. This purchase has helped to expand Tire Kingdom even more. In the year 2005, the TBC Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sumitomo Corporation of America. Tire Kingdom is still working on expanding and growing and sells brand name tires including, Michelin, Goodyear, General, BFGoodrich, Sigma, Toyo, Pirelli, Uniroyal, and Yokohama. Each Tire Kingdom center has not only tires, but full service tire replacement services as well. Each tire comes with a 30 day ride guarantee. A customer can receive their new tires, use them for 30 days, and if they are not completely satisfied with them, can return them for a credit on a new set of tires.

The Tire Kingdom Customer Pledge:

Open Early, Late and Includes Sunday hours
Unlimited selection of name brand tires
30 Day Ride Guarantee
Lifetime tire rotation
courteous, certified professional staff
Tires in an hour or less
Low prices

Famous Marketing Campaigns

Tire Kingdom has been well known in the past for coming up with unique, attention getting advertising campaigns, such as the crown wearing pitchman. The more recent television advertisements include a group of commercials guaranteeing any number of things, from a great new hairstyle to a father guaranteeing his son will like summer camp. Of course, these guarantees turn out pretty badly. The point of the commercials are that you can’t always believe guarantees, but Tire Kingdom guarantees you will find the lowest prices at their stores.


Tire Kingdom is a big part of racing and is part of the team called Service Central Racing that sponsors multiple drivers and racing teams. Some of the drivers and teams that they sponsor includes Sarah Fisher Racing, which is the only female owned Indy Car Team, their driver is Jay Howard. They also sponsor the two car Pro Stock Team of Gray Motorsports and also Paul Richards Racing.

Current Deals

Tire Kingdom has multiple deals currently going on. It is all a matter of deciding which one will serve each individual customer the best. Under a special section of their website, entitled Secret Deals, Tire Kingdom lists all of their current deals. These include:

Buy 3, Get 1 Free – offer valid through 7/31/10
Get a $75 Cabelas Gift Card with a Purchase of four Select Cooper Tires – offer valid 7/5/10 through 8/29/10
Goodyear Tire $80 mail in rebates – offer valid 5/1/10 through 7/10/10
Dunlop Tire $80 mail in rebates – offer valid 5/1/10 through 7/10/10
Tire Deals – $40 off 4 tires, $15 off 2 tires – offer valid through 7/31/10
$20 off Maintenance Services – offer valid through 7/31/10
Buy 3 Get 1 Free Wheel Promotion for July – offer valid through 7/31/10 and only on the sizes and styles listed in the advertisement
Buy 2 Get 2 Free Wheel Promotion for July with the purchase of any set of four tires and premium installation – offer valid through 7/31/10 and only on sizes and styles listed on the advertisement
Wheel and Tire Package Discounts (up to $100 off) – offer valid through 7/31/10
Up to $50 Citibank Visa Prepaid Card Via mail-in rebate when you make a qualifying purchase with your Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s or NTB Credit Card – offer valid through 8/31/10
$40 off Complete Brake Service – offer valid through 7/31/10
$19.99 A/C Performance Check – offer valid through 7/31/10
$18.99 Oil Change Special – offer valid through 7/31/10
Batteries up to $10 off – offer valid through 7/31/10
$19.99 Tire Maintenance Package – offer valid through 7/31/10

These are all of the current deals and specials offered through the Tire Kingdom web site. The web site address for these deals is http://www.tirekingdom.com/discounts-coupons.aspx or one could visit the home page of the Tire Kingdom web site and click on the Secret Deals tab to find the same list of deals. Other coupon sites might highlight further unpublished discounts.

Other Places to find Deals

Other than the internet, there are some other places that you can look to find deals at many places, including Tire Kingdom. Television commercials are a good place to find deals. The commercials for Tire Kingdom often offer a special deal, like buy 3 tires get 1 free. Another place to find coupons or deals are in local papers and magazines that offer different coupons and deals for many places. Those are some places that you can often find different coupons for Tire Kingdom.

There are many different deals and coupons offered for Tire Kingdom, all you, as the customer, need to do is find them and use them. Hopefully, this article has given you a good place to start when you need new tires and want to get the best deals possible. Not only does Tire Kingdom offer a lot of deals when you buy tires, but they also offer many name brands of tires and full service tire replacement services. This seems to be one place that you can go to get tires that really makes the customer their number one priority and will do whatever they can to make sure the customer has a good experience and leaves completely satisfied with their purchases.

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