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The thrill of the rides. The fun of the shows. The vacation that will never be forgotten. This is the Universal Studios experience. Here you will find all the info you will ever need about this world famous theme park. Let’s start from the beginning.

The History Behind the Magic

The idea for Universal Studios began way back in 1962 in Hollywood, California. The Universal movie empire was already booming, and the now-famous theme park was just a simple backstage tour behind the theatre. Though it was small, it was a hit. Slowly, it grew into a full out theme park that kids and adults flocked to. The company decided not long after their Hollywood success to invest in the building of another park, having faith that fans would follow where they went.

In 1990, after $250 million was invested, Universal Studios, the theme park, launched in Orlando, Florida to threaten Disney, already a well known park in itself. The opening however, did not go as smoothly as planned. Several things went wrong from the beginning such as the parks most famous attractions, Jaws and Kongfrontation, having technical glitches and difficulties. This caused long lines for customers, and it did not take long for several to leave the park in an outrage. It got to the point where staffers would hand out free tickets to the park, trying to entice customers to return.

With effort and persistence, Orlando Studios overcame the horrors of their launch. In 1996, after learning from their hardship, the company decided it was time to expand. With Disney competing next door for customers, Orlando Studios knew that the bar had to be raised, and it had to be raised by them if they wanted to come out on top.

Designs for entirely new parks and lots were drawn, and big-time names were brought in to assist including Steven Spielberg. By 2002, all renovations were complete, and the theme park had added some major additions. Islands of Adventure, a brand new theme park, Portofino Bay, an upscale resort, the CityWalk, which is a dining and nighttime entertainment boardwalk, Universal Studios Escape (renamed Universal Studios Orlando), a second hotel called The Hard Rock Hotel, and finally the Royal Pacific Hotel were all added to the Orlando Studios family.

These expansions made tourism downtime to be a thing of the past. Orlando Studios was hot, and it has grown to become one of the most famous theme parks of the generation.

What Are They Known For?

Universal Studios theme park is known mostly for the rides and attractions that include characters from movies made by Universal Studios, the original cinema creator. King Kong, Spiderman, Shrek and friends, the Simpsons, Dr. Seus, and Men in Black are just a few characters you will find. Three award winning rides have taken the spotlight for years now, including The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, The Simpsons Ride, and Revenge of the Mummy.

Their advertising is well-known as well. In their commercials, you will see screams, laughter, smiles, and what appears to be an entirely new world that is Universal Studios. You will see small portions of some of their most famous rides, a preview of the fun to be had. Roller coasters, 3D shows, even a place for the kids, Universal Studios advertises in a way that grips customers.

What’s Hip, What’s New, What’s Now

The newest addition to Universal Studios Orlando is the much anticipated new theme park: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This park allows Potter fans to be immersed into the world of the witch and wizard, of Voldemort and Dumbledore, of Hogwarts itself. With rides such as Dragon Challenge, a twin roller coaster that sends you on a high speed chase through the sky, and The Flight of the Hippogriff, a more family oriented ride that takes you above Hogwarts, there is something to be found that will entertain all.

Rather take a trip to Hogsmeade than hunt down a Norwegian Ridgeback? No problem. Fans will be pleased with familiar shops such as Honeydukes, Ollivanders, and Zonkos, and will also enjoy new editions such as Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods. Whenever you get hungry, stop by the Three Broomsticks for a magical dining experience.

Deals and Vacation Packages

Universal Studios offers a variety of packaged deals for customers. The newest gets you into the park early to have breakfast at The Three Broomsticks, and gives you a commemorative ticket. Included in this is hotel accommodations and admission into Universal Studios park starting at $285 per adult.

The Blue Man Group Vacation lets you select show tickets, admission to both Universal’s theme parks, as well as early park entrance. This deal starts at $330 per adult.

Not to be forgotten is the 7 Nights- 5 Theme Parks offer. With this deal one will enjoy unlimited admission to 5 theme parks and a 7 night stay in one of their hotels, starting at $1740 for a family of four.

Finally, the 2-Park Getaway allows you to select your favorite hotel to stay in and admission to both parks in Universal Studios Orlando. Also, you will have early park admission to Islands of Adventure. This offer starts at $227 per adult.

Grab Those Coupons

There are many different internet sites that specialize in coupons no matter where you want to go. For Universal Studios, Orlandocoupons.com, themeparkcodes.com, and orlandocheapster.com are just three web sites that offer discounts and coupons that will add up to save you a bundle. The key is to keep a look out for changes and special deals.

Coupons offline are more difficult to find. This generally depends on the company and when they decide to have special offers. Recently, Universal Studios gave away free tickets to the first 100,000 registered to the Universal Heroes website. This was advertised on television, so keep your eyes open for similar deals. Another option is to purchase season passes. If you plan on visiting often, this can be an easy way to save money. Universal Studios offers a year-long pass that gets you free admission to both parks, no parking fees, discounts to special shows and entertainment, and discounts on food and merchandise all for the price of $219.99.

FlexPay is another option. This is simply a flexible payment option for purchasing the Annual Pass. For a low down payment of $70.99 and eleven monthly payments of 14.85 per pass, you will have year long free admission.

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